10 Things Most People Don’t Know About Dom’s RX-7 From Fast And Furious

Vin Diesel, aka Dominic Toretto, is usually portrayed driving a Dodge Charger in the Fast and Furious franchise. However, Dom also drove a red Mazda RX-7 in the test scenes of the first Fast and Furious movie. The car has since become one of the most beloved in the franchise. But the classic Mazda sports car featured in the flick has been shrouded in mystery and rumours. At the beginning of 2022, information emerged claiming that the RX-7 sold at Mecum Auctions in Kissimmee, Florida was Dom Toretto’s Fast and Furious Mazda RX-7.

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Contrary to claims, Craig Lieberman, who served as a technical advisor for the first two Fast and Furious films, revealed that the car never appeared in the movie. He further noted that it was just one of many cars that Georges Paris modified in an effort to remain relevant in the movie auto industry.

Here are the other 10 things most people don’t know about Dom’s RX-7 from The Fast and the Furious.

10 It was originally built and owned by Keith Emoto

Keith Imoto was the original builder and owner of Dom’s RX-7 – it wasn’t made specifically for the movie. The car was one of several cars in the Fast and the Furious movie rented from its owners. Others included Nissan Maxima and Craig Lieberman Toyota Supra.

The directors and producers selected the RX-7 during an audition in 2000 at Universal Studios in Hollywood. He ended up in the movie after Vin Diesel got behind the wheel of auditions and loved it.

9 Based on the 1993 Model A RX-7

Dom’s RX-7 began life as a Mazda RX-7 in 1993 before Keith Imoto bought it and modified it. This specific vehicle was a third-generation RX-7, also known as the FD. Mazda offered the coupe as a 2+2-seater and in a limited two-seat configuration.

Powering the RX-7 FD was a 1.3-liter turbocharged 13B REW rotary engine producing 252 horsepower from the factory. I liked FD drivers for its finer handling. It remains one of the best-balanced cars in the world, thanks to its front engine design that contributes to a 50:50 front and rear weight distribution and a low center of gravity.

8 Roll cage removed


Before appearing in the movie With some minor performance improvements, Dom’s RX-7 was mostly driven by Keith. As a regular-sized driver with safety in mind, he had a roll cage installed.

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Vin Diesel is famous in several Fast and Furious movies. The first film was no exception, and it turned out that Dom could not comfortably fit into the “hero” car. The crew had to remove the cage to make room for him.

unlike Paul Walker green Mitsubishi Eclipse that sold for $170,500, Dom’s RX-7 features some real engine tweaks and performance upgrades. The rebuilt 13B-REW rotor is equipped with 3mm apex seals to handle increased power. The engine can now produce 305RWHP (or 380hp), compared to the stock 252hp.

However, far from what you saw in the movie, the famous “Scammer’s House” nitrous system was fake and made out of plumbing parts and scuba gear. In fact, what looked like a piece of metal mounted with enamel and nitrous scales was a wooden block painted to look like solid metal.

6 A total of 5 RX-7s were used for the movie

The first part of Fast and Furious magic used five stunt cars. With the privately owned “Hero” car, it limited how the production crew could use it. They had to build replicas to keep the original car in its original condition.

The film used two replicas of the stunts, then used another as a driving platform. They used the other (Back’s car) for special effects and detailed interior shots. All of these clones were painted like the “hero” car but had stock engines, free of any modification besides the muffler.

5 The film’s original paint color has been changedNissan Skyline GT-R33 1995

While Dom’s car appears on the film in red, it was originally painted silver. This is before changing the body kit. Paul Walker’s green Mitsubishi Eclipse followed the same trend after starting as a silver car.

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The classic RX-7’s Veilside Combat body kit has been modified slightly to a more rounded Veilside Combat II body kit. And like the other Dom crew-driven cars, the RX-7 got some bad graphics. Other appearance tweaks included Veilside wheels, Lexan headlight covers and GT rear spoiler.

4 She had computer-generated exhaust notes in the movie

Like almost all of the cars used in the Fast and Furious movies, the sounds you heard during post-production were modified. Any rotating engine fan will notice that the exhaust note from the Dom’s car was something of an oddity. Again, modifications applied in the car cannot produce such engine sounds.

The team decided to use a mix of heavily modified sounds from Toyota Turbocharged 1JZ and 2JZ engines. Other sources claim that there was little sound of a lion’s roar or roar. Whatever the case, we can all agree that the sound was great.

3 The crazy sound system was not shown in the Dom . car

Fast and Furious depicts a crazy sound system in the back of Dom’s RX-7. But Dom’s RX-7 has a factory audio system as Keith Emoto (owner) insisted on keeping the car in its original lightweight condition.

Apparently, the crew took snapshots of one of the replicas featuring the impressive sound system and made it sound as if it was in Dom’s single “hero” car. According to Lieberman, the structural components of the stereo system are still present in the sensational car today.

2 Why the RX-7 didn’t get much screen timeDom's Mazda RX-7 From The Fast And The Furious.  Mazda RX7 from Dome

The red Mazda RX-7 is the first car we see Dom drive in an illegal drag race in the Fast and Furious series. As a result, the car became a fan favorite, and many were curious why the RX-7, the fastest car in the movie, is rarely used, along with a few glimpses here and there.

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According to Craig Lieberman, the director, editor, and screenwriter are responsible for such decisions, and there was no reason to extend car screen time beyond what the script would require.

1 What happened to Dom’s RX-7 after the movie

Many fans often wonder what happened to the cars after production of the Fast and the Furious movie ended. In this case, Dom’s RX-7 as well as other exciting cars went to various places.

The crew kept one of the exciting cars and featured in the 2 Fast 2 Furious sequel. Another was sold to George Barris (later sold to another buyer in the Netherlands), while two others were purchased by museums in Las Vegas and Florida. Dom’s “Hero” car is in a storage facility but is missing most of the great original parts.

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