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10 unique game mechanics

Game mechanics often make or break a game. Sometimes the entire game can depend on the game mechanics alone to make the player stay in touch with what is happening on the screen. Since video games were first invented, game mechanics that first seemed fresh and new have become commonplace in many games.

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The games featured in this list are those that have introduced completely different gameplay mechanics into the gaming world. The mechanisms were not common when they were made. Many of these are still not game mechanics that have appeared in any games outside of the respective series you created.


10 Gravity Rush

Gravity Rush feels like a superhero story that makes players feel like they are learning how to control their powers. This is because the game has players falling around the map. The main character is able to move in a 360-degree level by controlling the way he propels himself through gravity.

The game makes the action very interesting. Using the powers of the protagonist, the player can move around the map freely and this makes the movement challenging the physics.

9 Gate 2

Portal 2 included a portal gun like the first game and is an interesting game mechanic in its own right. Makes a portal gun so that players can move themselves or objects from one location to another. It is easy to use, but complex in terms of how to use it to solve puzzles. Portal 2 takes this complexity and adds 4 gels that change the physics of characters and objects.

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They had a jump repellent gel, a push-to-go gel, a diversion gel that made any surface it touched into the gate surface, and a cleansing gel that removed any of the gels. Moving these objects to figure out different puzzles makes great puzzle mechanics

8 Bind Isaac: Rebirth

The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth has a tricky game mechanic because the main way the main character inflicts damage is through their tears. Throughout the different dungeons, different upgrades can be added to the Teardrops. Some upgrades even make it possible for different characters to freeze opponents’ tears or alternatively release high-damage blood.

Not every upgrade and mechanism the game offers feels like something players will find in anything else. The amount of change players can add to make each run unique is impressive.

7 the brothers

Siblings have players who control two brothers. One of the two brothers is controlled using the left analog stick while the other is controlled by the right analog stick. At first, this might seem a bit shaky as it takes players out of their use of analog sticks, but the way the game presents this mechanism is great.

Rather than creating deep frustration within players, the mechanics ensure that it makes the two brothers in the game feel as if they are finally bonding together through a tug-of-war story.

6 catamare damasi

Katamari Damacy has a mechanic that is quite different from literally anything offered in any games that came before it. The mechanics of the game make it let the players roll in the catamare. Katamari can glue anything a little smaller or larger than it is on itself. Folding things makes the catamaran grow.

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Each level has a King of the Cosmos who sets certain size requirements that the player must fulfill in a specific time. You’ll have players pick up anything from paper clips in Katamari to being able to suck up gigantic buildings at the end of the game.

5 dead space

Dead Space has revolutionized the way shooters play but creating an experience where shooting opponents’ limbs is a must. Players must use different weapons to cut off different limbs of the enemies. Shooting limbs from enemies makes enemies weaker and kills them over time.

This is a perfect mechanic for this horror title as it makes players have to be meticulous about how they approach combat. It also adds to tense situations as players have to think about how to defeat enemies rather than just inflicting headshots.

4 Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor has a Nemesis system that makes it remember which Orcs kill you or run away. This makes there are different sound lines associated with each of these orcs and players can see them climb the ranks of their different tribes. It has made the game more attractive as it creates an orc ecosystem.

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Confronting the orc that has escaped or killed you and watching it grow stronger is a really fun addition to the game.

3 Axe

Fez takes the 2D platform type and makes it drastically change what they offer. The game makes it so that players have to rotate the 2D world in a 3D cube way so that they can explore different areas and discover different puzzles. The game makes sure that it uses the mechanic throughout the experience which makes it an important part of its global presentation.

The world is beautifully created using pixel art. Each time the world rotates, the player is given a different beautiful setting for the setting they explore and the answer to the puzzles they solve.

2 cue

The braid is very complicated because it includes a rewind mechanism that is added at each level. At any time the player wants, he will have the ability to turn back time so that he can solve the various puzzles in the game or save himself when he dies. The game will include objects that are not affected by the roll, levels where players control time by moving in different directions, among many other things.

The way Braid takes its core mechanics and enhances it in every area is skillfully executed. Players will continue to find ways to play and puzzle challenges will continue to increase in interesting ways.

1 hero ring

Loop Hero is an endless RPG. What this means is that the Loop Hero makes it so that the hero of the game will walk around a randomly generated ring until the leader counter is filled, and they kill that boss to get out. The map is changed by the player who collects and places the cards. The cards have different characteristics that not only build the landscape around the cute ring at first but also add more difficult enemies.

Players will need to learn how to manage the different monsters on the map while also managing the environments around the player. It is a challenging game with a lot of learning to do but rewarding when you finish the maps.

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