405th AFSB BASOPS Professional Training Program for Maintenance Helps Renew the Workforce with New Perspectives |  Article - Commodity

405th AFSB BASOPS Professional Training Program for Maintenance Helps Renew the Workforce with New Perspectives | Article – Commodity

Daniel Hearn is the newest trainee to join Basic Support Operations Maintenance, the 405th Army Field Support Brigade. He started September 1st and has a mechatronic training period of 3.5 years. The apprenticeship program allows interns to learn as they go, gain important on-the-job experience, and help rejuvenate the workforce at BASOPS Maintenance. (photo courtesy)
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Grafnohr, Germany – As a newly hired Basic Support Operations Maintenance Intern, Daniel Hearn joins a long line of long-time trainees before him who are now successful mechanics, inspectors and maintenance managers.

The apprenticeship program, established nearly 25 years ago, is an important part of BASOPS maintenance for the 405th Army Field Support Brigade, which provides equipment maintenance support to garrison community organizations and activities in Germany and mechanical safety inspections of privately owned vehicles.

As the new member, Hirn joins a team responsible for performing maintenance for a fleet of garrison support vehicles to include special purpose vehicles and armored vehicles, fire and rescue vehicles, snow and snow removal equipment, and construction equipment such as shovel loaders, excavators, scrapers, motor graders, tractors, rollers and more.

Stephanie Kramer is BASOPS Maintenance Manager. She said the apprenticeship program includes practical training in the workplace supplemented by vocational education, which focuses mostly on theory.

“Our new intern will benefit, just like all of his predecessors, from the wealth of knowledge and experience provided by our senior mechanics and inspectors,” Kramer said, adding that Hirn’s training as a mechatronicist is a 3.5-year program.

The BASOPS Maintenance Apprenticeship Program provides a unique opportunity to share the real-world experience of senior mechanics and inspectors with a new set of hands, eyes, and perspectives from newly recruited trainees. This exchange benefits everyone — the team, BASOPS maintenance, garrisons and even community members, Kramer said.

Sabrina Maidenbauer, an office management intern at BASOPS Maintenance, said the BASOPS Maintenance Apprenticeship Program offers many career opportunities for interested and qualified people.

“As mechanical apprentices trained with BASOPS for maintenance, when they complete the program, they will be eligible to return to school to become service technicians or service advisors,” Meidenbauer said.

She added that the same applies to her field of work.

“As an office management trainee, once I complete the training, I will be eligible to go back to school and become a certified business manager or management expert,” Meidenbauer said. “Additional training is also offered to become certified trainers for the Apprenticeship Program and Training Managers.”

Meidenbauer said the BASOPS Maintenance Apprenticeship Program is really a stepping stone with many opportunities to take advantage of in the future.

“It’s also a great tool to rejuvenate our workforce and proactively prepare the next generation of BASOPS maintenance personnel as we bid farewell to some of our eligible retirees,” Kramer said.

Currently, the BASOPS Maintenance Apprenticeship Program is only available in the United States Army’s area of ​​responsibility in Bavaria. To learn more about the program, call DSN 314-526-3801 or Commercial +49-9641-70-526-3801.

The 405th AFSB is assigned to the Sustainability Command of the US Army and is under operational control of the 21st Command Theater Sustainability, the US Army in Europe and Africa. Headquartered in Kaiserslautern, Germany, the brigade provides materiel project support to US forces throughout Europe and Africa – providing theater sustainability logistics; Synchronization of acquisitions, logistics and technology; And benefit from the US Army Materiel Command Project to support the joint forces. For more information about the 405 AFSB, visit Official Website and the Official Facebook site.

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