The catalytic converter appears under a car on an elevator.  The devices, which convert toxic gases into milder emissions, are often a target for thieves because they contain precious metals, including platinum.

5 ways to protect your car

During a 14-month period, as many as 13,000 catalytic converters were stolen in the greater Columbus area, causing an estimated $19 million in losses.

This is according to Groveport Police Chief Casey Adamswhose division is leading a multi-agency investigation into the rampant theft of emissions control devices, which could fetch thousands of dollars for the precious metals they contain.

Six people were arrested last week By Groveport Police in connection with the theft of the catalytic converter. The arrests come about six months after authorities arrested a Columbus man who they said drove a… catalytic converter steal ring which was operating in five counties of central Ohio.

But Adams, during a news conference last week announcing the recent arrests, said Ohio law enforcement officers can do little to combat this pest. He said a legislative change by Ohio lawmakers is necessary to address the problem.

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