50 pictures showing the level of absurd mechanics he has to deal with (new pictures)

50 pictures showing the level of absurd mechanics he has to deal with (new pictures)

How much do you know about your car? Are you someone who loves to change your oil, change your tires, and spend weekends polishing their body until it’s clean? Or does your car’s knowledge only include how to put gas in the tank and how to drive? In a way, many of us can get by knowing the absolute minimum about the vehicles we use every day because we rely on the experts at the auto shop. But no matter how polite they are to our faces, these experts may laugh at our incompetence the moment we walk out the door and share pictures of our precious cars online…

We’ve been through Just rolled into the shop subreddit to find some funny and hilarious examples of things mechanics deal with every day, so you can also appreciate what’s happening in the mysterious world of the auto shop. Some of these posts will require a basic understanding of cars to figure out what’s going on, but if you’re a car enthusiast, you’ll be sure to get a kick out of some of those hopelessly confused drivers. Enjoy this list that we hope will give you a greater appreciation for your mechanic, and be sure to vote up all the pictures of situations you wouldn’t believe without seeing the manual. Then if you are interested in more of these wild pictures from auto shops, be sure to check out Bored of the pandaPrevious posts on the same subreddit here and here.

Everyone has a different idea of ​​how much maintenance is required to take care of a car. Some people are fine with washing a car now and then, filling the tank when needed and changing the oil when that dreaded light indicates “service required.” On the other hand, some people check every inch of their cars and work hard to keep them in good condition. They pride themselves on keeping the exterior sparkling and the inner health in tip top shape too. But no matter how well you treat your car, unless you yourself are a mechanic, you will have to see it in the end.

Similar to the way doctors tell horrifying stories about injuries that you have to see to believe, every mechanic can tell their fair share of stories about the dumbest things people have done with their vehicles. To provide a place where mechanics can share these crazy stories and laugh at the incompetence of the average driver, Just rolled into the shop The subreddit was born. The page, which has 1.8 million members at the moment, states, “For those totally stupid things that you see people bringing in, rolling over or throwing at your workplace and the people bringing them in.” Obviously, there are countless examples of these…

Cars are the one thing most of us can know very little about life. It would definitely be helpful to understand the inner workings of our cars, and it might save us some money if we could solve some of our car issues at home. But the truth is, it takes effort to get to know her. There is no “car shop” requirement in the school, but that’s why the experts are there. So we never do that You have To repair our cars ourselves.

But According to one study Of the 2,000 Americans, many know an embarrassing little bit about their cars. Well, that’s not necessarily true. they know Something, but a quarter of them admitted knowing their cars needed repair, yet they continue to risk driving it every day. But what’s shocking is that far more people have something wrong with their cars that they may not have been aware of. 68% of study participants’ cars had at least one defect, and 36% of participants didn’t know the first thing about a tire change.

There are a lot of basic car care procedures that many of the participants in this study didn’t know, from half of them not confident they could change their car’s oil to a third not knowing what kind of oil their car needed in the first place. Even having to jump on their car battery would be a difficult task for a quarter of Americans, if their battery dies. And about 20% of them could not check the tire pressure on their car with confidence.

What hides under the hood is a mystery to many Americans, as less than half manage to locate their car’s engine in a photo. But even though they don’t understand their vehicles, many people still don’t feel comfortable dealing with a mechanic. Perhaps it’s the embarrassment of not knowing how to take care of their cars, but 54% of Americans admit that they are intimidated by mechanics. After seeing this list, I don’t blame them. For all they know, they might get ridiculed online for having snow under your hood or spending years without changing your air filters!

The common fear when taking your car to a mechanic is that you may pay a lot of money. How is it that any time you go in for a simple oil change or tire rotation, the mechanic mysteriously finds 5 other things to do right away or else the car will put you in great danger the second you drive? It made it to the auto shop just fine, so going home didn’t seem to be a problem. It can be hard to tell if a repair is really necessary or if the mechanic is trying to do a quick fix on you, so we consulted the BlueToro blog for some of the most Common ways for theater mechanics to overcharge their customers.

According to BlueToro, one of the practices being posted for some shady mechanics is to claim that they replaced a part or did a certain job, and charged a fee for it, but in reality they didn’t. “It is not uncommon for us to tend to a basic auto service for a new customer as one of the major services was said to have been done by a previous mechanic, yet the customer is complaining about a number of issues that shouldn’t have existed if the car had been well maintained,” BlueToro explains. “Usually it’s because already shipped parts have not been replaced.”

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So what happened here was, a very bad snowstorm and the customer came in to say all their lights were on and the car was going bad (no special heat) and when we opened the hood we saw this wonderful mess of snow like wtf? ? The client never blew the hood, it was left outside during a storm so it looks like it was all the wind that built up perfectly. It has been filled out. I left it to melt overnight. Ran normally after everything was dry, no problems since..a puzzle to this day they probably left the hood open

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Another practice that some mechanics will try to eliminate is to replace scheduled parts. For example, if a part needs to be replaced every 100,000 miles, some mechanics will tell the customer that it is time to replace it when they have only driven 80,000 miles. Over time, this can lead to many unnecessary repairs and your auto shop bills can be through the roof. “Ultimately, these mechanics don’t think of you as a long-term customer, they just try to get the most out of each service,” BlueToro explains.

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It feels like a mask thing to me. It’s cool you don’t have to, so just wear it for a short while you’re in the store (the car) and it could save your life.

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Because a lot of people have encountered mechanics they couldn’t trust, News letters In fact he interviewed someone who agreed anonymously to pouring beans on what it was like to work in a car shop. “Joe” explained, as the ABC points out, that most mechanics are indeed honest, but there is often pressure from overhead to do unnecessary work to increase profit margins. “The store should stay in business,” Joe said. “There is pressure to do things that you probably wouldn’t do normally. I feel a little ashamed to admit it, but when your boss tells you…” Either you do it here or the door there, “What are you going to do?”

The mechanics even had terms for some of their questionable practices, including “making broth.” This happens when the store worker bills the customer for longer than what the repair actually requires. “Most stores will cost you an hour and a half to two hours to run the rotors and put pads on them,” Joe explained. “If you’re good and have good equipment, you can do it in 20 or 30 minutes…that’s meat sauce.” Another practice I’m sure we’ve all suspected before has been confirmed by Joe. “An $18 oil change — well, they lose money on that,” he said. “The idea is to get you in so they can sell the coolant, the transient, the power steering pumps. … That’s where the money is.”

Giuseppe Mendola, another seasoned mechanic and owner of AutoTech Diagnostic in College Point, New York, told ABC that it’s important for car owners to read the manual any time their vehicle has a problem. The more drivers understand their vehicles, the less likely they are to be stolen. “People don’t read the owner’s manual. They don’t know how to open the hood half the time,” Mendola noted. “I honestly don’t understand what they expect from a car if they don’t know anything about it.”

I’ll be honest, I don’t understand every picture on this list because I know absolutely nothing about cars. And while I don’t currently own one, this article inspires me to do a thorough research before I buy another one, so I don’t get robbed every time I go to the mechanic. We hope you enjoyed these funny and baffling pictures, and be sure to vote for the ones that surprise you the most. Remember to clean your back seat and check the cover before you take your car to the store, and if you’re interested in seeing more of these photos check out Just Rolled Into the Shop subreddit over here.

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I have to look at my 20 year old BMW and decided I needed more cash than him or maybe they weren’t allowed to accept tips at the dealership

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