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7 mysterious platform games

Platforms have triple star titles like Mario, Rayman, and Crash Bandicoot, and then there are indie darlings like Hollow Knight, Shantae, and Celeste. It’s a genre where you’re all too aware of the most popular titles, so finding new, worthwhile titles is a challenge.

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Fortunately, there are quite a few games that have not received enough attention and are worth playing. Each one of these games offers a unique experience, be it through the action mechanics or the gameplay. Here are some platform platforms that you may not have heard of before.

Deluxe recursion

At first glance, the Recursion Deluxe looks like a throwback from the ’90s. It’s a loving tribute to the old 16-bit games. Originally a flash game, 2DHeroes revamped Recursion Deluxe into something more perceptive and challenging. The story and concept are simple: you’ve bumped into an alien world, and you’re trying to get home.

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Collect stars as you move through levels that can turn gravity with a simple checkpoint. You can play the levels from any side hence the name “recursion”. You must be aware of your every move and where the enemies are roaming. Otherwise, you will have to start over.


Refunct is the ultimate casual platform game. Soothing music and ethereal atmosphere make you feel relaxed. You don’t have to worry about racing against time or avoiding monsters. Although if you have thalassophobia, you shouldn’t look down too much. There aren’t any sea monsters, but your mind can play tricks on you.

The goal is to reach the top of each stone pillar by intelligently controlling the parkour and air. There are a few achievements designed with sprinting in mind. Once you feel comfortable, try to beat the game in less than 4 minutes. Only 9% of players did.

seasons after autumn

Seasons After Fall, no doubt, has a ridiculously cool art style. Looks like the story book has been revived. It is one of the most forgiving platform games. However, in some ways, it can make gameplay seem pointless. Fortunately, though, the game gets to its feet when you’re able to adjust the seasons.

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The environments and mechanics change from fall to winter. Yann van der Cruyssen, the same composer behind Stray, composed the soundtrack for Seasons After Fall. Gentle music amplifies the gameplay by giving it a quieter touch. All in all, Seasons After Fall is a fun platformer disguised as a picture book.


The Strider series is a classic hack and slash platform game that has inspired cult favorites like Devil May Cry and Ninja Gaiden. Despite its reputation, the series has faded into obscurity. In 2014, Strider was restarted. The reboot does a great job honoring the original games while keeping its footing.

Like all arcade classics, the new Strider game throws you in the middle of the action. Strider’s action and battles are compelling. As you unlock more abilities, you will inevitably end up playing like a well-meaning anime samurai. If you feel that Strider is too easy, you can set the difficulty to something much harder.

the outside

Outland is a platform game created by Housemarque, most famous for its Returnal creation. Outland’s unusual art style might prevent players from giving it a chance, but if you can get past it, it’s a fun platformer with easy-to-learn mechanics. Outland also has a massive replayable story mode.

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The main driving mechanic is polarity changes. You will have to switch from light to dark and vice versa to overcome certain obstacles and enemies.

You have a console nearby because the keyboard controls are very poor. Since there is a co-op, you can bring a friend with you. Race against time and get the highest score possible.

Momodora: A fairytale under the moonlight

The Momodora series started off with humble beginnings before spiking to prominence with Momodora Reverie Under the Moonlight. Reverie Under the Moonlight takes the series back a few hundred years and puts players in an even bleaker gothic world. The gameplay is designed to ensure exciting and challenging boss battles.

Don’t let its looks fool you: Reverie Under the Moonlight will give you a run for your money. Depending on the difficulty, some fights can look like tooth extraction. Unfortunately, the music can be said to be the weakest part. And with that in mind, you’ll have a great time indulging yourself.

A story about my uncle

A story about my uncle that feels like a game from the Xbox 360 era. Its visual presentation isn’t the most amazing, but it has a special appeal that some people might find endearing. A story about my uncle takes the platforming to the next logical step: you navigate 3D terrain with a gravity glove.

Some puzzles may be a bit obtuse due to visual ambiguity. Expect to fall into your uncertain doom more often. However, it has a beautiful story spread throughout the game. When the game is over, a part of you will wish there was more.

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