9 Claims Your Car Insurance Might Not Cover

9 Claims Your Car Insurance Might Not Cover

1. Damage from deer strike

If you bump into a deer or other animal, you will likely be stuck paying for any repairs you need to your car unless you add comprehensive coverage to your policy. Heller explains that comprehensive coverage pays for damage caused by something other than a collision, such as fire, animal-related damage, and theft — including theft of individual items that are part of the vehicle such as airbags or catalytic converters. Animals (1.4 million deer) between July 2020 and June 2021 despite the ongoing pandemic shutdown, which was a 7.2 percent rise over the previous 12 months, according to Tony Couto, director of auto policy and underwriting at the National Association of Coinsurers.

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2. Stolen laptop

Even with comprehensive coverage, your car insurance will not pay for loss or damage to things that are not part of the car. Homeowner (or renter) insurance may cover a laptop stolen from your car. Also keep in mind that after-market add-ons likely aren’t covered by your car insurance. If you convert your vehicle into something of a higher value or install parts that may put it in a high-risk category, you may see a claim denied if you haven’t indicated it to your insurance company before purchasing the insurance policy. “If your car is scammed, you’ll need to have that conversation with your insurance company,” Heller says.

3. Rain damage

If you have comprehensive insurance, it will likely cover damage caused by a hurricane or tornado. But it won’t necessarily cover damage if a window or sunroof is left open and rains down.

4. Broken window

The windows are part of the car, so in most cases they will be covered by either collision or comprehensive insurance. But, if your car is locked and you break a window to get in, this will be considered purposeful business and may not be covered. Usually, Heller says, insurance policies only cover claims for damage caused by others or “unintended harm.” You may want to consider roadside service insurance, which usually pays someone to come out and unlock your car if it is locked.

5. Replace worn tires

Car insurance will not cover basic maintenance, repairs, or general wear and tear on your vehicle. You may be able to add mechanical failure insurance, which is similar to a car manufacturer’s extended warranty, and you can also get roadside assistance coverage for a flat tire, dead battery, or other problem while on the road.

6. Side hustle

Personal car insurance usually does not cover the commercial use of your car. If you deliver pizza or transport duty-paying customers through a passenger service, you will need supplemental insurance, according to III. If you are driving for delivery or painting purposes[chauffeur] “You’ll likely need separate coverage,” Heller says.

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