A car mechanic worker quits his new job 4 hours after starting

A car mechanic worker quits his new job 4 hours after starting

TikToker posted @dirty2dreamyllc in response to a Q&A on the platform asking, “People who quit their jobs on day one, what’s the ‘I’m out here’ moment?”

The creator, who runs Dirty2Dreamy Detail Services in Auburn, Washington, says his decision not to lie to a customer on his first day at an auto repair shop ultimately led to his future success.

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“You are going to love this story of how I quit work after four hours of starting,” he said at the beginning of the clip.

TikToker states that he quit his old Firestone job to work at a new repair shop. His new role was as assistant manager, to run the store when the owner was not around. He says that during the interview, the manager led him to believe that the job did not require any mechanical work, despite his experience as a mechanic.

“He needed someone to sell and manage the front store,” says @dirty2dreamyllc. “Yes, I was a mechanic. I was a front end mechanic, but that’s not what I want. So, on day one, customer one, he said, go ahead and take that work order and go outside and person this car.”

TikToker then cuts the video, pausing to show how he handled what his manager just told him. “What or what? Excuse me?” Asks. “So I set out to diagnose the car. The car has the mass air flow sensor code. I looked up and happened to notice that it came to Jiffy Lube recently, so I bet you didn’t plug the sensor back in.”

However, the builder says that when the manager handed over the work order, he told him to “sell them the mass air flow sensor.”

“I say, ‘No, let me test these few things first,'” he recalls. “He proceeds to estimate the mass air flow sensor. I proceeded to continue the diagnosis as you are supposed to do. I find they left it disconnected, I plugged it back in, the code went away, check the engine light goes out.”

Although the issue was resolved, @dirty2dreamyllc says the manager insisted he still sell the customer the mass air flow sensor. TikToker did not sell the customer the unnecessary part.

The client asked if she had recently been to Jiffy Lube, and when she answered in the affirmative, he explained the situation.

“That’s what happened, they took your air filter to check it, to try and sell it to you if it’s dirty, they didn’t plug the mass air flow sensor back into the air filter housing,” he recalls telling the customer. “” causing your check engine light to turn on. After doing some tests and finding the resistance on the sensor was still good, I plugged it back in, the check engine light went out, and you no longer have a problem. “

TikToker then revealed the manager’s bad intentions to the client.

“But, the owner of this building wants me to sell you the mass air flow sensor anyway,” he once again depicts his conversation with the client. “This is what I recommend you do. Here are your keys. I was going to take your car, I’m leaving, and I’m never going back to this building because this guy is shy, and I’m not going to work with him as of the end of this conversation. Today is my first day and I’ve only spent four hours quitting.”

He adds that the woman thanked him and handed him a business card.

He concludes, “And that’s why I’m so successful after so many years, because people follow me wherever I go. Because I run a straight business with integrity.”

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TikToker uploaded a follow-up post outlining his boss’s short-lived reaction when he told him he was quitting.

He explains that he had this conversation with the customer as the owner was standing right next to him. He says he told him right away that he is going to quit.

I look at him, and I go, ‘This will be the last client I help. He remembers it. “You don’t run a business with integrity and I can’t support that. So I’m going out, I don’t need this job.”

He says the owner then got to the registry to pay him for his four hours — about $100, for $22 an hour. However, TikToker tried to refuse the funds.

He says, “As he goes to hand it to me, I tell him, ‘Keep this, this dirty money and I don’t want to do anything with it.’ And he actually said to me, ‘I want to keep it honest. I owe you this money.'”

At that point, TikToker starts laughing, finding the comedy in the fact that his employer suddenly decided he wanted to keep his dealings honest. He tells the owner that the man will need the money much more because he will “go out of business”.

The creator added that he was “broken” at the time and “didn’t even have a car”, but still chose to quit the job so he wouldn’t have to work at a place that scams customers. He also claimed that the reason he left Firestone was that they used similar practices to this business owner when it came to auto repair.

TikTokers who viewed his auto service worker job thanked him for his integrity, noting that finding an honest individual to fix the car was difficult.

“The honest mechanic is a gem,” one user wrote. “One was found a decade ago and I’ve been going for it ever since.”

“Do people understand that customers come back to honest people?” Another doubt. “Just take one bad experience so you don’t come back.”

“Wonderful. You should be able to trust your mechanic like you would your doctor,” claimed a third.

“Great story. It’s always good to hear a story like that,” a fourth added. “Your old manager has no evidence that being honest with this client will bring him back.”

The Daily Dot reached out to @dirty2dreamyllc via a TikTok comment for more information.

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