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A detained man after colliding with several cars and a pedestrian escaped from the scene

Street. Geroge, Utah – A 23-year-old man is in police custody after causing a major car accident while driving under the influence.

According to arrest documents, Kord Devan Johnson, 23, crashed two separate cars while under the influence of prescription medications and alcohol Thursday night.

At approximately 9:16 p.m., St. George Police responded to a car accident involving Johnson and a pedestrian as the suspect drove away at 600 North 2450 East in St. George, Utah. When the officers arrived, they found another car accident at 450 North 2450 East involving Johnson and two other cars.

Paramedics began first aid for the pedestrian as she was unconscious but breathing, according to arrest documents. She was taken to a local hospital with a massive tear in her forehead, bruises on her face, and rashes on her arms.

According to the arrest documents, eyewitnesses at the scene said they saw the suspected driver of the vehicle fleeing the vehicle in front of a pedestrian and then colliding with the vehicle at 450N 2450E. “The suspected vehicle in the 450 North accident was driving a gold SUV, identical gold paint flakes were found at the scene of the pedestrian accident, confirming that this was the vehicle in question.”

In the second car crash, Johnson was driving at high speed when he ran a stop sign, colliding with two crossing vehicles. Both drivers reported being hurt, but the arrest documents do not mention their condition or injuries.

Officers called Johnson and noticed he was showing DUI marks.

“[Johnson] Pupils were constricted, watery, bloodshot eyes and a red, swollen conjunctiva were visible in both eyes. When [Johnson] Speaking, I noticed his speech was stuttering and he had
The overwhelming smell of an alcoholic drink in his breath,” according to the arrest documents.

While speaking to the police, Johnson admitted that he takes various medications for anxiety, psychosis, depression, and “anti-alcohol.” He also told police that he had received two doses of alcohol and three or four beers two hours before the accidents occurred.

Police began a field sobriety test on Johnson, which he failed and blew a .320 initial breath test, six times the legal limit in Utah, according to arrest documents.

Johnson was arrested and sent to the St. George Police Department for a full DUI investigation. He agreed to a breath and urine test but refused a blood test. The police obtained a search warrant for his blood and obtained a blood sample.

Police said Johnson detonated a 327 in Masker at around 10:28 p.m.

According to the arrest documents, the arresting officer indicated that Johnson knew he had hit a pedestrian but did not ask about her condition. He only complained about his tailbone pain and asked how long he would be in prison. Johnson also told the officer that he was excited about the presence of alcohol and Xanax in his system.

Johnson was sentenced September 9 to 36 months’ probation and ordered not to drink alcohol. Arrest documents do not mention Johnson’s charges in the September 9 ruling.

Johnson was booked into the Washington County Jail for failing to stay in an accident involving serious injury, reckless driving, illegal purchase by a person in custody, and three counts of driving under the influence. Police are not seeking bail for Johnson’s actions.

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