An insurance company fakes a Tesla S battery fire to highlight that electric vehicles can catch fire (video)

An insurance company fakes a Tesla S battery fire to highlight that electric vehicles can catch fire (video)

The arena is fully set up, the crowd gets excited, the Tesla Model S starts its short trajectory – crashes into a rock, rolls – a few seconds pass and flames begin to erupt from the floor of the car, where the battery pack is installed. clap. Firefighters arrive at the scene – cut!

But the most interesting part was that everything was real in this organized demo except for the battery pack in the Tesla – there were no batteries inside. Instead of batteries, there were fireworks – the flames were fake.

AXA, the French multinational insurance company, appears to have made this offer to its customers to instill a fear of electric cars in their hearts. Within the Tesla community, this phenomenon is known as FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt).

Battery pack fires are very rare for Tesla EVs, even and unless it’s an accident serious enough that something bypasses all of the Tesla’s installed safety measures. Data from a nine-year study (2012-2021) tells us that the rate of Tesla battery pack fires is 1 for every 210 million miles traveled.

From 2012 to 2021, there was approximately one Tesla fire for every 210 million miles driven. By comparison, data from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the US Department of Transportation show that there is a car fire in the US for every 19 million miles traveled.

In order to provide an appropriate comparison to the NFPA data, the Tesla dataset includes instances of vehicle fires caused by chassis fires, arson, and other things unrelated to the vehicle, which represent some of the Tesla vehicle fires during this time period.

Source: Tesla Vehicle Safety Report

After posting a story in 24Auto.deThe insurance company released a statement acknowledging that this fire was in fact fake and was created using fireworks.

“Exhibiting a battery fire could have been very dangerous due to the presence of guests, which is why the electric vehicles’ battery cells were removed prior to the tests,” AXA said in a press release.

Since there was a large audience at this exhibition and the event was recorded, the damage to the image of electric cars and Tesla has already been done.

A Tesla Model S burns after a fake battery fire broke out from the car at a demonstration for insurance company AXA. Credit: AXA.

Since there was no battery in the car, there was no power to rotate the electric motors. The Tesla Model S used in this defamation show was pushed forward by a pulling mechanism like the one we see in Safety crash tests.

Even when issuing a statement, the insurance company that organized the show did not apologize to the electric car community.

In the video recording of this event (below), we can see that the insurance company has a Tesla Model X in the arena as well. The Model X in this video appears to have a battery inside because it was driving properly. Nothing about what purpose the Model X served was shown at this public demonstration.

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