Apex Legends Mobile introduces a Ranked Mode mechanic to give players a second chance

Apex Legends Mobile introduces a Ranked Mode mechanic to give players a second chance

Ranked matches can be frustrating in any game, especially when you lack your capable teammates. The development team behind Apex Legends Mobile seems to understand this sentiment, and they took action this week. Players who logged into the mobile battle royale game in the past 48 hours were greeted with a message in the game’s news feed titled “Second Chance, Anyone?”

Read the beginning of the message “Complete quests during the specified weekends to earn rank-level protectors and rank-point protectors”. “These cards will protect your rank level and rank points in case you get an unlucky match that doesn’t reflect your true skill.”

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The message went on to detail a series of upcoming events that will allow players to earn these rank-protecting cards. Although the developers did not reveal exactly what kind of tasks players would need to complete to earn rating points and rating level protectors, they did put together a timeline for the event. Apex Legends Mobile players must prepare for Rank Protector missions on the following dates:

  • September 17-19
  • From 8 to 10 October
  • From 15 to 17 October

Ranked level Protectors can be earned by logging in daily during the three-day period. Ranked Point Protectors are obtained by playing two Ranked matches each day the event is active.

This week, players were greeted with an interesting message from mobile game developers.

Only one of each rank protector type can be earned each day, which means that players who complete all three weekends of the event will accumulate a total of nine ranked protectors level and nine ranked protectors points.

However, there is a problem – both level rated protectors and rated point protectors will expire if not used within seven days, so there is no point in saving them on a rainy day. Mark your calendar for the dates of your ranked protector event and make sure you use up the cards before time runs out!

For more information on in-game events for this season, check out our Hyperbeat Seasonal Events guide. Apex Legends Mobile is available for download at Android And the iOS devices.

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