Apple orchard car show attracts hundreds to Kent's Hills

Apple orchard car show attracts hundreds to Kent’s Hills

Jesse and Judy Miller of Randolph drive a cornfield on Saturday when they arrive in their 1953 Chevrolet Two-Ten for the auto show at Kent’s Hill Orchard in Redfield. Joe Phelan / Kennebec Magazine

Kents Hill – The first-ever Kents Hill Orchard Auto Show was something for nearly everyone, featuring around 50 cars ranging from modern subsidies to vintage classics, apple picking in the orchard, and food from local vendors.

The idea came about about a year ago when show director Brent St. Clair contacted Kents Hill Orchard operator John Harker about how the farm looked like a breeding ground for a motor show.

“It took about a year to plan, but it was Brent’s idea,” he said.

Mountains in the distance form the view behind a car show on Saturday at Kents Hill Orchard in Redfield. Joe Phelan / Kennebec Magazine

Harker said St. Clair worked to get sponsorships and spread the word about the event by attending other auto show events, taking to social media, getting sponsors, posting ads in local publications, and getting information to the general public.

“He wanted to do something, he loves cars, and it seemed like a good thing to him, and my property here is a good place to do that,” Harker said.

He said the event offers something for a variety of guests.

“There was a lady who just passed by and she was saying, ‘Boy, that’s perfect. I should go pick apples and my husband can go look at the cars.’

Right after arriving at the auto show on Saturday, Jim Newton dusted off his 2012 Porsche 997 C4S Cabriolet at Kents Hill Orchard in Redfield. Joe Phelan / Kennebec Magazine

Just before noon, St Clare said the guests seemed to be enjoying themselves.

“There is no loud music,” he said, “It’s kind of a nice, relaxing day, people can pick apples or have some great food. It’s an event with activities, not just standing.”

Local food vendors on site include the food truck The Wicked Tater and Fresh Ella’s Ice Cream, as well as Apple Shed Bakery, a farm building that serves cider, cakes, baked goods, and coffee.

Jessie Jesse and Judy Miller of Randolph sat next to their 1953 Chevrolet Two Ten, the car Jesse Miller said was made the year he was born.

Judy Miller, left, and Jesse Miller are seen on Saturday in the reflection in the trunk of their 1953 Chevrolet Two-Ten at Kent’s Hill Orchard in Redfield. Joe Phelan / Kennebec Magazine

He said, “I just call it an old racket, but I like to drive around. It’s not a show car. There are dents and dents, and it has a 33-year-old paint job and still looks very good. I’ve done a bunch of little things for it. The back seat is like sitting on a sofa in a room.” the living “.

Jesse Miller owned the car about nine years ago, and in that time he took it to hundreds of auto shows. He said he enjoys fiddling with vehicles, and that this summer has been great to drive.

“This has actually been a very decent year to sail,” he said. “We’ve had some rain, but it’s not too bad, and the weather is great today.”

Harker said that while it would be a good idea to bring more regular people into the grove via the auto show, he’s happy with the crowd that came.

“Hopefully we’ll get more people,” Harker said. “I don’t know if it is or not, but boy, this brings in a lot of good and funny people for the day. That is just as important.”

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