Main protagonists from the games Quantum Break, Life Is Strange, and Singularity who all have time control powers

Best games with time control mechanics

to be able to control time It’s something a lot of players enjoy. Having the ability to slow down time for the best shot, reverse time to try another option or stop it completely in its paths to cross the level. Being able to use time control has its advantages, and this is something many games have added as a feature to their titles.

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Although many games have attempted to implement this mechanism, few are remembered or praised for how it affects the gameplay as well as the story. With only a few of them seen as Best games with time control mechanics across a variety of species.

Today’s video games

10 too hot

In this simple first-person shooter too hotPlayers have limited power when it comes to controlling time. Time only moves in this game when the player is moving allowing them to consider their best attack form before deciding to pick up their weapon and inflict damage on it.

This transforms Superhot from a typical shooter title into something more suited to the puzzle genre. In addition to making the player feel smart by allowing them to fully calculate their attack before time starts again and they take down their enemy.

9 afraid

There are a few horror titles that take any kind of time control mechanics as they might break from the title’s immersive crawl. but, afraid He hopes to combine this psychological horror and make players feel like they’re part of an action movie.

Therefore, players enjoy the legendary attribute of Reflection Time. Since the player will find themselves constantly under attack while exploring, the reflection time shows the superhero character’s reactions which allow the player to aim and shoot at normal speed while the world around them slows down.

8 exclusivity

Another first-person shooter with horror genre features is exclusivityPlayers find themselves on an uninhabited island that was formerly under the control of the Soviet Union. After launching an American satellite from the sky, the player finds himself traveling between present day and the events of 1955 on the island.

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A big advantage of the game comes from the time processing device they wear on their hands. This gives the player the solution to many of the puzzles that he encounters on the island, he can speed up the time to age an object in addition to other features.

7 time change

Many games that allow the player to control time is a feature that is required to help solve puzzles, time change No different from this. In this shooter title, one of the main capabilities of the player as the name suggests is the ability to change time.

The player can do this in one of three ways: slowing down, stopping or reversing time. This helps with many of the time-related puzzles as well as allowing players to stop time to take the weapon away from the enemy or even dodge projectiles.

6 Gustrner

In an incredibly challenging action platformer set in a world like the online world, players must quickly eliminate enemies if they want to succeed. One hit from the enemy will kill the player instantly which can be hard to avoid during this fast paced combat.

To make this battle more manageable, players have the ability called Sensory Booster which increases the character’s reflexes. This then slows down time to help the player dodge incoming fire as well as being able to easily get close to their opponent.

5 insulting

Players who have explored the streets insulting Corfu will also know that he also possesses an abundance of abilities after being blessed with the sign of the Outer Person. One of these skills he can unlock is called Bend Time.

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As the name suggests, Corvo can easily use this ability to slow down or even stop time completely. This can be used in hopes of sneaking past enemies while trying to complete the game in a non-lethal way or slow in the hopes of getting behind the enemy and making a quick kill.

4 Quantum break

After a failed experiment the protagonist Quantum breakJack Joyce is gifted with the ability to bend time to strike at will. These abilities are something that players will need to use to their advantage both in and out of combat to help bring an end to the catastrophe known as “the end of time”.

While players have the usual time control mechanics such as the ability to stop enemies. One of the most exciting features that Quantum Break has is the ability to use Time Vision that reveals points of interest as well as Time Echoes that allow the player to see past events.

3 cue

cue It is an interesting puzzle game that explores the theme of time in all its levels. Gradually as they play through the game, players unlock more abilities to control time throughout the story.

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It starts with the simple ability to reverse time, and this allows players to experience the puzzle again where they are most likely to get stuck. From here the time control mechanics advance as they become an important part of the puzzles forcing players to understand how time moves within the level before they can try to control it.

2 Blink: time sweeper

There are few games that allow the player to control a cute animal like a cat who has to complete the levels armed with only a vacuum and the ability to control time. we will, Blink: time sweeper He does exactly that in this platformer adventure.

Collecting specific pairs of gems in this title allows the player to unlock the ability to control the time associated with these gems and thus change parts of the level using them. Many of these abilities such as reversing or pausing time are needed to bypass sieges as well as aid in boss battles.

1 life is strange

In this episodic graphic adventure, the sharp and emotional story isn’t the only thing life is strange praised for. One of the main features that protagonist Max has the ability to use throughout this story is the ability to reverse time.

The ability to turn back time can help or hinder a situation as players will have the information they previously learned available to them to make a different choice. However, as the story progresses, this force may be more dangerous than it appears as there must be consequences for reversing time.

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