Braves’ Matt Olson is working hard to break the slump

“I got really deep into the mechanics sometime this year, and sometimes you can go really deep into that as well,” Olson said Sunday morning. “Finding the right line to know when to dig and know when to relax and go is key. I think any little bit of that now is to take a step back, get up there and play baseball, bat crunch, and that’s what I am.”

Where is this line?

“If I knew the answer to that question, I don’t think I’d be in that position right now,” Olson said with a laugh. “There’s definitely a happy medium for the two. You want to be on top of things mechanically and videos and things like that. But it can be paralysis by analysis sometimes. Sometimes it just takes squaring one, finding a hole, or a broken bat or whatever. It was what it might be, to get you back on the right track. I get up there, compete, have a good approach and a good plan every time. It’s (about) just not seeing results. All I can do is keep working and control the mindset leading to every bat I hope the results follow.”

You will hear baseball players talk about that fine line. Numbers and video – technology in general – are pervasive in today’s game. There are more useful tools out there than ever, but sometimes gamers like to simplify everything. But they don’t want to confuse their minds.

Over the past week, Olson narrowly missed a few competitions. He pulled some balls just wrong. These, of course, do not count for anything.

“It’s always a good thing when you find the barrel, for sure,” he said. “Hit it fair and no better wrong. It’s obviously grinding a bit now, and you take any bright side you can.”

When talking about how he thinks about balancing the video and how he feels, Olson mentioned the phrase about being able to see the forest for the trees. This can be difficult to do when the hitter is in the weeds with mechanics, video, and more.

“Sometimes when you’re involved in it every single day, you want results so badly that you go too far,” he said. “Sometimes you just have to take that step back.”

Ozzie Albies Update

Ozzie Albies won’t need surgery for his broken pinky. He is in the cast.

All the Braves know is that the Albies will miss the rest of the regular season. A post-season return may be a possibility for a second base player.

On Sunday, the Braves put Albiz on the 10-day list of the injured. They called up Rylan Bannon to take his place on the roster. (Iyer Adrianza is on the list of those injured with a strain in the muscles of the left thigh.)

Bannon collected two hits in 14 at-bats in limited time with the Orioles this season. Vaughn Grissom will likely receive most of his playing time at second base, with Orlando Arcia serving as backup.

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Success in Trust Park

Saturday saw the Braves win their seventh in a row at Trust Park. This stretch is the team’s longest winning streak at home this season. Atlanta has the second best home record in the National League.

Any reason to succeed at home?

“Just think of this place, man,” Director Brian Snicker said Friday. “The energy here, the crowds we get. It’s a fun place to play, and these guys feel really good here. I think the energy in that stadium is feeding these guys, and they’re feeding off of it. They have a lot of confidence here in this building.”

Snicker said he’s heard opposing players talk about Troist Park being one of those challenging environments for visiting teams.

The manager said, “As our guys have shown, they will never be out of a match.”

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