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Complete list of Mike + The Mechanics and Discography albums

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This complete list of Mike + The Mechanics albums and songs presents the complete albums of Mike + The Mechanics studio albums. The band was first formed in 1985. The group hails from the Dover, Kent, England area. This Mike + The Mechanics full album also includes every live album. All these progressive rock meets pop music Mike + The Mechanics and their albums are presented below in chronological order. We’ve also included all original release dates with every Mike + The Mechanics album as well as all original album covers. Each Mike + The Mechanics album listed below displays the album’s complete tracklist.


Mike + mechanics

Released in 1985

CD track lists:

1. “Silent Running”
2. “All I need is a miracle”
3. “Par Avion”
4. “Hanging by a thread”
5. “I got the feeling.”
6. “Take the reins”
7. “You are the first”
8. “Call to Arms”
9. “Taken”

live years

Released in 1988

CD track lists:

1. “Nobody is perfect”
2. “Years to Live”
3. “Vision is faith”
4. “Nobody knows”
5. “Poor Boy Down”
6. “Blame”
7. “Don’t do”
8. “Black and Blue”
9. “Nice day”
10. “Why me?”

positive word

Released in 1991

CD track lists:

1. Get up
2. Words from the mouth
3. Time and place
4. Yesterday, today, tomorrow
5. The way you look at me
6. Everyone gets a second chance
7. Baby stop
8. Jeremy Passion
9. Let’s pretend it didn’t happen
10. Before (the fall of the next heartache)

Beggar on Gold Beach

Released 1995

CD track lists:

1. A beggar on a golden beach
2. Another cup of coffee
3. You’ve already got stuck to me
4. Mia Culpa
5. On my shoulder
6. Someone always hates someone
7. Ghost sex and you
8. The Network of Lies
9. Plain and simple
10. Something he believes in
11. House of several rooms
12. I believe (when I fall in love it will stay forever)
13. Go, go…home

Mike and the mechanics

Released 1999

CD track lists:

1. When I stop
2. Now it’s gone
3. Ordinary girl
4. All the light I need
5. What will you do?
6. My Little Island
7. Openness
8. When I beat you
9. If only
10. Question (for the last time)
11. Always listen to your heart
12. Did you see me coming
13. See Through Dreamland


Released in 2004

CD track lists:

1. Left one standing
2. If I were you
3. The perfect child
4. Rewired
5. I don’t want everything
6. How can I?
7. Fall
8. Somewhere along the line
9. Underline

The Road

Released in 2011

CD track lists:

  1. The Road
  2. Hands of Good (Touch the Sun)
  3. try to save me
  4. background noise”
  5. I don’t do love
  6. Heaven doesn’t care
  7. It only hurts for a while
  8. walking on water
  9. chasing you
  10. Oh no
  11. You can be the rock

let me fly

Released in 2017

CD track lists:

1. Let me fly
2. Are you ready
3. I wonder
4. The best is yet to come
5. Save the world
6. You don’t know what came of me
7. High life
8. The message
9. Not out of love
10. Letting go of love
11. I’ll be there for you
12. Save my soul

Without warning, suddenly, suddenly

Released in 2019

CD track lists:

1. One way
2. Get out of Zarqa
3. What will you do
4. years to live
5. The Beggar on the Beach of Gold
6. Get up
7. Another cup of coffee
8. All I need is a miracle
9. Silent Running
10. On my shoulder
11. Words from the mouth
12. I Don’t Know What Got Me (Audio)
13. The Best Is Yet To Come (Audio)
14. The Living Years (Acoustic)
15. Soul on Gold Beach (Audio)
16. Another Cup of Coffee (Audio)
17. Over My Shoulder (Audio)

MIKE + Mechanics Compilation Albums

He hits

1. All I need is a miracle 96
2. On my shoulder
3. Words from the mouth
4. years to live
5. Another cup of coffee
6. Nobody is perfect
7. Silent running
8. Nobody knows
9. Get up
10. Time and place
11. Taken in
12. Everyone gets a second chance
13. The Beggar on the Beach of Gold

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