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Disney’s Lorcana TCG needs unique mechanics to stand out from the competition

Now officially crowned as one of the most successful entertainment companies on the entire planet, it doesn’t look like Disney is going to stop any time soon. In fact, the opposite is true, as Disney appears to be preparing to spread its reach across more markets. Streaming services, TV shows, movies, animations, video games, and games – Disney has a hand in every market imaginable, and is now looking to enter the trading card scene with its newly announced Disney Lorcana.

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It was unveiled just a few days ago, Disney Lorcana It is an upcoming trading card game, inspired by the likes of Pokemon And the Magic: The Gathering. Although details are scarce at the moment, Ravensburger confirmed it Lorcana It takes a less “confrontational” approach to the TCG genre, meaning the game may focus more on deck building than on-going battles. anyway Lorcana It looks like he’s coming out of the gate swinging, and he’ll need to do a lot more if he hopes to stand out from the crowd.

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Disney Lorcana needs to stand out from the crowd

The trading card game market is not exactly a small market. Big name franchises like PokemonAnd the Yu-Gi-Oh!And the Charm They have had a market share for quite some time and have established themselves as leaders of the genre. Even except for the big three, there are games like Legends of RuneterraAnd the KeyForgeAnd the jwentAnd the star worlds, and much more. Simply, Disney Lorcana He has a lot of competition.

Luckily, Disney Lorcana He has instant hooks to grab for players, and that’s his Disney license. As with everything Disney related, the foundations were already laid decades ago, with the vast majority of its characters, locations, and songs all being prominent in the current zeitgeist. No other brand has as much instant recognition as Disney, and it is this inherent connection between the brand and the fan that immediately draws players into Lorcana. Furthermore it , Disney Lorcana It also has a slight advantage over some of its competition, as it is aimed at audiences of all ages. While big-name games like Pokemon Doing exactly the same, this approach is set as wide as possible to the audience immediately Disney Lorcana Apart from some smaller competition.

However, to really compete, Disney Lorcana It should go above and beyond and have some really unique trading card mechanics. As of now, not much has been revealed LorcanaActual gameplay mechanics. The only details that fans have given are that the game won’t be as competitive as some of the other TCGs, that the artwork will use modern interpretations and classic character designs, and that the music will play a major role in the title. Prudently, it is stated that players will take on the role of the Illumineer, tasked with gathering a slew of famous Disney characters to bring peace to the world of Lorcana.

There is not much to speculate here, but there are several ways to do so Lorcana This can lead to some unique gameplay mechanics. With a less competitive approach, LorcanaThe gameplay can focus on building a group of classic Disney heroes, and spend a fair amount of playing time to upgrade them. Take inspiration from Disney villainAnd the Lorcana It can allow players to upgrade their hero cards by attaching different items to them, each one is obviously an iconic object from Disney’s back catalog. A similar mechanism can be used for songs, which will obviously play a major role in the game. It could be that players need to piece together a series of cards, each one representing a passage from a Disney song, which, when completed, refine their characters in some way. if Lorcana It ends up having unique mechanisms like this, then it can stand out from its competitors.

Disney Lorcana It is scheduled to be launched in 2023.

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