EL invests in new real estate for the street section |  News, sports, jobs

EL invests in new real estate for the street section | News, sports, jobs

Morning Journal / Kristi R. The department is moving to a new building on Pennsylvania Avenue to operate safely and store equipment.

East Liverpool – The City of East Liverpool has entered into a lease agreement for the purchase of a new building for the City Street/Waste Department.

The city council approved the ordinance making the purchase on September 6. The purchase agreement was signed on September 13.

The decision to purchase the building was based on 1443 Pennsylvania Ave. to the need for a location where workers can work safely and equipment can be stored away from the elements. The current location where the street section is located was established at 1253 Pennsylvania Ave. As a trolley station in 1938 and then converted into a bus station before the street section moved there.

According to Safety Service Director David Dawson, the building is out of date and will be demolished. The building is slowly falling on itself and the structure has large openings all over the roof and most of the windows are broken or covered.

The site, the former site of M&A Motors, has the foundation the city is looking for, so they’ll just need to make a few tweaks to it. The new site also contains plenty of land for the district’s future expansion projects. The property includes a building of approximately 14,000 square feet that is located on approximately 7 acres of land.

The building will be used for all operations related to the repair, maintenance and storage of city vehicles and equipment.

“You have to look five to ten years down the road to see what you want to do. But for now it will be completely cleaned up,” Dawson said. “We will implement the necessary utilities here that need to be done, and we will modify the interior of it so that the department has places to go where we can do work on the vehicles and where we can clean the vehicles. In the future, we look at what needs to be done. Finally, we add it to a washbasin Or more storage space.”

Dawson also noted that they need to build salt bins, add a garbage compactor and fully fencing them.

The facade of the building will be used for dry storage: cones, banners, a tractor, brush hog and things that should not be heated. May be stored in a closed, dry area.

The remainder of the building will be heated and used as an office and work space.

According to Dawson, while work on the new site is set to begin next month, workers will not start moving for another two months. The goal is to move the department to the new location by January 2023.

The city plans to install two elevators so mechanics can work on the vehicles at the new facility rather than go out to work.

“Why do we send things overseas and pay all that money when we go in mechanically,” Dawson said. “They can do the work at home and save money. We pay for an oil change, but if we have lifts we can do it and save money.”

Dawson said the city’s goal is to hire good mechanics and have the facilities where they work in every aspect of the city. He also indicated that they are currently looking to hire a full-time certified mechanic and a part-time mechanic who can be trained.

“It’s a great step. It’s a positive step. Since the mayor and I came, we knew something had to be done about it,” Dawson said. “So, this has been in the business since we’ve been here, but this deal has been in the works since last year.”

The building is purchased on a lease-to-own basis, with all funds paid during the lease term applied to the purchase price. The city applies for a loan to pay for the building. The unspecified loan amount will also include funds to retrofit the building to suit the needs of the street management.

This is a great victory for the city. “The existing structure is in poor condition and once demolished it becomes a great site to attract new business,” said Mayor Greg Bricker.

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