Electric car crash fire fake insurance company video

Electric car crash fire fake insurance company video

Electric vehicles have suffered from a lot of FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) that has been spread around over the years by various vested interests wanting to slow the EV transition – but one of the biggest rumors is that electric vehicles burn a lot.

In fact, as I wrote in my article here, electric vehicle fires are extremely rare: for every 100,000 new cars sold, fewer electric vehicles catch fire than gasoline or hybrid vehicles.

However, insurance company AXA Switzerland recently erroneously attempted to add to the electric vehicle fires surrounding “FUD” by staging a simulated electric vehicle crash (using a Tesla Model S) that allegedly demonstrated a typical way in which a battery could be damaged and ignited The flames due to such an event. (Watch the video over here).

However, there were some caveats to the event: the battery pack was removed for “safety reasons” (which means the vehicle must be towed during the “collision event”), and the actual type of damage in the simulated accident was actually unable to penetrate the battery pack, To make matters worse, fireworks were used to create a headline to create a photo opportunity of a burning EV.

It looks like the PR department wanted a good headline-generating event to get AXA Switzerland into the news. As it turned out, AXA Switzerland made headlines for all the wrong reasons.

With things like opening doors still in the air (which they can only do if the door locks are removed), the rear bumper falls off for no apparent reason and there’s no noticeable damage to the underside of the car: it just doesn’t take long to even Their fakes are discovered.

As a result, within days of the video being released, AXA Switzerland issued an apology which effectively said its intent was to “indicate the danger” of a cell fire that could result from damage to the underside of an electric vehicle.

Unfortunately for AXA Switzerland, the video also shows minor damage to the underside of the car as a result of the collision – since EV batteries are specifically designed to withstand the most unfavorable events, the AXA show as it’s set up is seriously dangerous from a scattered battery.

Fortunately, EV FUDs like this are becoming more challenging as the public becomes more familiar with EVs, so we hope to see fewer examples of EV FUD being accepted as ‘reality’ as the general public uses their increasing knowledge of electric vehicles to Screening fact from fiction, Hollywood style.

As a final note (and I have to give credit to AXA Switzerland for a quick apology for the fake EV fire) – they still managed through their apologies to perpetuate another bit of EV FUD.

In this case, electric vehicles deserve higher insurance premiums than ICE cars.

The apology included this statement: “… Compared to drivers of conventional combustion vehicles, owners of electric vehicles are responsible for 50% of collisions that cause damage to their vehicle. It has also been found that drivers of powerful electric vehicles are more likely to cause damage to their vehicle or third-party vehicles”.

One could read this as painting all electric vehicles as posing an equal risk to high performance vehicles and charging higher insurance premiums accordingly.

Given that for ICE vehicles, premiums for performance cars are priced higher than for standard cars, it appears that AXA Switzerland is trying to justify charging higher premiums for all electric vehicles (as some insurance companies currently do), rather than pricing them differently for high Teslas. Performance, Porsche etc. as is the case for the ICE vehicle insurance market.

It seems we still have a way to go before all the urban legends about electric vehicles are sent to the trash.

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