Five years ago, this Nintendo RPG redefined sports

Five years ago, this Nintendo RPG redefined sports

We love labels. The world is complex, so our organized monkey brains have to find ways to help us make decisions. Labels are how to turn assumptions into action, but they don’t always work. That’s fine because, ironically, we also love to surprise. And for Switch fans, there’s perhaps no bigger surprise than this low-key standalone release that has subverted two of its most popular genres.

five years ago, golf story Sidebar Games came on the scene and showed us that sports are just RPGs – and vice versa. With retro-style visuals reminiscent of the SNES era, golf story enchanting mixes ground Combo style with perfect golf mechanics. You never feel like an outsider though; It’s always greater than the sum of its parts and remains one of the standout titles on the Switch.

your trip in golf story It is commonplace. You’re a bad boy with something to prove, and you’re looking to win a prize that everyone around you says is impossible. The heart of your journey lies in your past. Your dad taught you to love golf, but you haven’t played in 20 years. But there comes a time in every hero’s life when he must take a journey for… Reasons? If this sounds too simple, it is. But it’s not the plot points that make the game seem like a narrative triumph, it’s the characters.

In order to get into the Pro Tour, you’ll need to perfect your skills across a range of courses. As a result, you will encounter a lot of silly, sad or strange characters who each have something interesting to offer. Sometimes it’s just a joke or a joke, other times it’s a crucial side quest designed to teach you a new mechanic. The writing, with the help of the best speech bubbles of any game ever, makes the dialogue fun to read.

Everyone is talking to you, but you don’t hear a word they say. Only the front nine echoes. sidebar games

Then there is golf! Most RPGs use turn-based combat to provide action and this is no different. You’ll quickly realize that golf mechanics and combat mechanics are incredibly similar and that swords and spells are just fancy cousins ​​to chariots and wedges. You choose your equipment, aim carefully, and execute. golf story It’s a bit more process-oriented than many old-school RPGs, as it costs you to time your swings and power levels with a counter. But the ambiance is pretty much the same.

This isn’t your standard PGA round either. Course variety is a key factor in keeping the gameplay enjoyable. You’ll face unique challenges on beaches, inhabited swamps, and on the preparatory club trails. There’s also gold disc, drone mini golf, and a robust local co-op mode for players for even more variety. The gameplay is right in the “easy to learn, hard to master” camp, a sure sign of success for any sports or RPG game.

Beware of annoying moles.sidebar games

Five years is a long time in the gaming industry, especially when it’s a huge hit. golf story It captivated fans and critics alike, and it looked like Sidebar Games was on the cusp of becoming a new premium studio. She even announced a promising sequel, sports story, which promised to bring the same approach to mechanics and storytelling to the wider world of sports. Unfortunately, the game seems to have been indefinitely delayed which is the perfect excuse to continue living in the past by playing golf story as soon as possible.

golf story Now available for Nintendo Switch.

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