Game mechanics in a wonderful life

Game mechanics in a wonderful life

Gamecube 2003 Harvest Moon: A Wonderful LifeIt’s officially getting a new copy of the Nintendo Switch, according to a Nintendo Direct broadcast that took place on September 13. Seasons Story: A Wonderful Life It is slated for release in the summer of 2023, although it will likely face some new competition as the Switch becomes a popular farming simulator console.

The last trailer for Seasons Story: A Wonderful Life Is marketing the game as a combination of the old Harvest Moon current games Harvest Moon The games and title are owned by Natsume, which was spun off by Marvelous Inc. The iconic title is best distinguished from the other games in the franchise due to its use of time and how it passes.

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A remake of the classic Harvest Moon with new twists

The town of Forgotten Valley, formerly Forget-Me-Not Valley, is a quiet town where players can work on their farm, fall in love and even have children. the passage of time in Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life It has long been announced as one of the best game elements that has been confirmed in Season story remake. Reminiscent of its name, the original game was the first in which players were able to progress through a character’s entire life, from childhood to old age.

The official description from Marvelous Games writes, “As the season goes on, you’ll find your partner, raise a child together, and watch them grow up before your very eyes.” For many fans, being able to get old with their family and non-playable characters like the bachelors and bachelors of the city was incredibly attractive in the early 2000s. Several people among the new generation of The story of the seasons Enthusiasts are also beginning to express their interest in the idea of ​​family dynamics as well as growing crops, fishing, animal husbandry, etc.

While this idea in and of itself doesn’t completely change the concept of the game, it might fix replayability The story of the seasons Toys. If the developer chooses to allow players to continue the game as a child of their previous hero, this could allow users to develop their farms across different generations without having to restart the game from below each time.

Unfortunately, in Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, the main character can have one child who will always be male. but, Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition It heralded the possibility of giving birth to a daughter while also giving people a chance to play as a female protagonist, not just a male. If they choose to play as a woman, they will eventually be able to marry one of three eligible bachelors, Rock, Gustava, or Martin. Hopefully, the 2023 version will be able to avoid the perils of the past, and will allow players to have either a boy or a girl or both.

While the trailer debuted with nostalgic music and many of the classic features seen before, there are still many new aspects and developments to be excited about. For example, XSEED has been working on making gaming more LGBTQ+ friendly for a while, and the newest option in the series is the first step toward achieving that goal for the company. Users will now be able to identify themselves as male, female, or non-binary at first Seasons Story: A Wonderful Lifewhich expands the idea of ​​creative freedom in simulation games.

After declaring that a classic game Harvest Moon He was receiving a new version, and many fans are hoping that in the future, others might be adapted for the Switch or future Nintendo consoles as well. after every thing, Harvest Moon: Friends of the Metal City It had its own remake in 2019 which performed well among Steam and Switch players alike. Probably Harvest Moon: The Magical Melody It will be confirmed in the next few years.

Seasons Story: A Wonderful Life It was launched in the summer of 2023 for the Nintendo Switch.

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