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Here’s what you didn’t know about Caveman from Masters of Cars: Rust to Riches

If you are a fan of the show Masters of Cars: Rust of Riches on NetflixThe name Caveman should ring a lot of bells. One of the stars of the show, Caveman who is loved for his quirky personality and amazing skills when it comes to restoring classic cars. And while the nickname Caveman is what is often referred to by his name, the star’s real name is Michael Bale. Born on April 8, 1969, he spent most of his childhood in California.

If the show doesn’t do much to quell your curiosity about this unique character, here are some cool caveman facts that you might not know.

9 It is 100% from California

Born and raised in Moreno Valley, California, Michael “Caveman” Pyle has a sister and brother, whom he refers to as Patches. He attended the high school that bears the city’s name as a young man.

Cave’s father was in the Air Force, so his family moved a bit when he was younger. But they have always kept their roots in California. As a result, Pyle considers himself 100% entirely California. As of now, he currently lives in Murrieta California near the garage (Gotham Garage) located near Temecula, California, where the popular show is aired.

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8 The story behind the title

Pyle’s nickname Caveman comes from his time as a bouncer at a bar in Hollywood. He got a nickname from a friend who said he looked like a caveman because of his long hair and beard. The name stuck, and the caveman has been known by that name ever since. Indeed, the appearance of the cave screams its name; From his length to his beard that covers most of his face.

7 He’s so passionate about his work

Facing Michael for the first time you’ll see him on his black T-shirt, smelling of gasoline. The caveman is a workaholic, and he’s always working on something. He’s always tinkering with cars or doing something related to his job. Caveman is so passionate about his work that he often forgets to take care of himself. He has been known to forget to eat or sleep because he is so focused on his work. It’s the definition of a workaholic, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Caveman often spends many hours in the shop making sure the cars are restored to perfection. He does a lot of car restoration with his amazing skills. The reality star is constantly creating new concepts to change his favorite bikes and cars. He frequently posts pictures of the cars he works on online for his followers to see.

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6 It’s fun and friendly

Despite his rough exterior, Caveman is actually a very friendly and playful person. He is always joking with his friends and co-workers. The caveman is the life of the party, and he knows how to have a good time.

Although Caveman loves to joke, he takes his work very seriously. He is very passionate about car restoration, and he wants to make sure they are working properly. A caveman is a man who loves to have fun, but knows when it’s time to start working.

5 He has a fondness for motorcycles

Caveman has a deep fondness for two-wheeled bikes, and this is evident in his collection of bikes. Caveman owns several motorcycles, and he’s always messing around with them. He’s even known for taking them out for a spin, every now and then.

The caveman’s love for two-wheeled bikes is evident in his work. He is constantly restoring motorcycles and working on new concepts for them. Caveman’s passion for motorcycles is one of the things that makes him such an amazing master of motoring.

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4 He’s a proud biker

When we talk about biker gangs, most people will imagine a famous organization of bearded huskies. Caveman is one of them, and it fits perfectly. The motorcycle enthusiast is a proud cyclist, who often goes on rides with his friends.

The caveman’s love for motorcycles led him to become a proud cyclist. He often goes on rides with his friends (The Harley gang), and enjoys exploring new places on his bike. Caveman is always seen riding a Harley with his long hair flying in the wind. Caveman loves to use two wheels and often posts pictures of him on his motorbike on social media. He often takes his bike for rides around Los Angeles.

When he cave rides, he never walks alone – he is always accompanied by his son (Shane) and companion (Jay and brother (Patches). In fact, Patches sees riding as a therapeutic way to suppress his anxiety. Imagine riding through the waves with this crew – what an adventurous trip !

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3 He is a pioneer

Caveman is a very entrepreneurial guy, always coming up with new business ideas. When he’s not oiled and working on cars, Caveman is promoting his clothing line, products, or working on his Caveman brew. Caveman’s entrepreneurial spirit is one of the things that makes him such a great master of the automotive industry. He is always looking for new ways to improve his business and earn more money. Cave is always thinking of new concepts and ideas to make his shop even better.

2 He is in a happy relationship

Yes, a caveman is pretty enough – meaning he likes to keep his life shrouded in secrecy but what we do know is that he’s in a happy, committed relationship. Kafman has been dating his girlfriend Diane Oliveira for several years, and they seem to be very happy together (Hard Guy always claims her love for her on his IG handle).

Justin Bale, Terry Bale, and Shane Bale are at least three of Mike’s children. Mike has two adorable grandchildren through Shane. Caveman’s happy relationship is one of the things that makes him such a great master of the auto industry.

1 He loves his brother very much

Caveman may be tough on the outside, but he’s a big marshmallow when it comes to the people he loves. He is a loving husband and father, and he will do anything for his family. Michael may be a caveman, but his heart is gold.

He converted a Polaris Slingshot into a three-wheeled hot rod for his brother Patches who had PTSD for being a combat marine. Caveman did this with the intention of making it easier for Patches and his dog (Gloria) to walk around and have some fun. It just shows that the caveman is a great man with a big heart.

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