Honda S2000 is an authentic and unforgettable icon

Honda S2000 is an authentic and unforgettable icon

F20C has a 9000 rpm red line!

Exceptional cars are not the ones that have a great engine, chassis, or any other component. It’s the sum of the great parts that make the driving experience unforgettable. The S2000 gets everything right, but it’s undeniable that its part is the engine. During the time of production, two units were supplied – F20C and F22B. Both were wonderful; However, the F20C was a little unique. The reason for its uniqueness was the very high redline – 9000 rpm to be exact.

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It has to be worked on, very low gear and no guts – you need to keep it above 6000rpm for the V-TEC to work its magic; Not that you want to be below 6000 rpm anyway. The hype coming out of a Honda S2000 with a good exhaust system is about as close to getting a road-legal four-cylinder into a racing engine—there’s no doubt any other car can.

In fact, in some ways, the F20C is a small road racing engine. It has forged pistons, a 11.7:1 compression ratio, and friction-reducing properties that require an engineering degree to be understood.

Hold the record for most horsepower per liter

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The F20C was so well built that it had the record for the most horsepower per liter of any naturally aspirated road-going engine. Ferrari took the title 10 years later with a 458. A great engine deserves a great chassis and that’s exactly what both engines got. As soon as you take a seat in the S2000, you will immediately feel that you are into something special.

The driver-oriented cabin of the S2000!

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If your seat is low, the steering wheel falls into your hands, and the transmission tunnel perfectly guides your shift lever toward the gearshift. Aside from its sporty character, the interior is considered by many to be comfortable. Adding to the seating position is the curved dashboard. All controls are facing the driver – the passenger cannot even adjust the air conditioning without reaching the driver’s side.

All materials feel durable giving the feel that this is a vehicle that is built to last. Having crossed the age of twenty now, we can safely say that it is one of the best well-made road cars. This is where the Japanese excelled in the ’90s. They can make a small, powerful engine that will last for decades. It’s a feat that to this day many manufacturers struggle to achieve.

It is arguably better than BMW Z4 and Mazda MX-5

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In stock form, the ride is firm, but not comfortable. Step into a bend and you can feel the S2000 digging its shoulder into the asphalt to find grip in a way that no BMW Z4 or Mazda MX-5 of the same era had a chance to achieve.

In fact, when it comes to the driving experience, the BMW Z4 and Mazda MX-5 were no match for the S2000. The engines in the MX-5 were nowhere near as good, the Z4 rolled a lot while also included some disappointing ones, and the Mercedes SLK – well, that was only good to get to the hairdresser.

The BMW Z4 and Mercedes SLK were mostly high-end cars, not sports cars. They may be more comfortable and quieter, but who is of a sound mind who would buy a roadster to be comfortable? That’s why we have sedans.

S2000 . cannot be replaced

Honda S2000 is an authentic and unforgettable symbol - photo 1097066

The S2000 is a car from the ’90s, but it’s rumored to be back soon. An era when the Japanese auto industry knew no bounds. An era of exaggerated engineering myths that went down in history as some of the best cars ever built. Think about it, Honda NSX, Toyota Supra, Skylines, Silvias, and many more. S2000 is part of that Japanese family. Due to laws, regulations and logistics, we will likely never get them again. So, if you have one, enjoy it. If not, you should go and buy one.

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