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How the Jeep Recon beat the Ford Bronco to the EV Offroader

Tesla arguably conquered the world with the viable sports EV with its roadster and the luxury sedan with the Model S; Then the Nissan Leaf was the original mass-produced electric hatchback with a reasonable range.

When it comes to powerful, all-electric SUVs, the Hummer EV and Rivian R1S excel pocket On the line, but the Stellantis-owned company still has another trick up its sleeve: the Jeep Recon.

The recently announced concept is a small electric Wrangler-sized car with all the off-road styling and appropriation to take on the Ford Bronco but with an all-electric powertrain.

This Jeep Recon is still in the concept stage but looks very competitive and connected to what we can see, so it looks like Ford should start to worry.

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Ford Bronco vs Jeep Recon: The same, but the worlds are separate

Ford’s Bronco is a name from the past, updated for the present with smaller turbocharged engines, modern design and advanced technologies, with a focus on the Jeep Wrangler.

It’s capable off-road and off-road, and with its turbocharged 2.3-liter or 2.7-liter engine it can produce 300-330 horsepower respectively, powering all wheels via a 10-speed automatic transmission.

Car And Driver led an off-road and off-road test between relatively similar versions of the Bronco and Wrangler last year — the Wrangler was in its 2-liter, 270-hp, 8-speed automatic, and Ford in 2.3-liter 300-horsepower trim — and the Ford Bronco came out on top. .

While Wrangler has always been the compact off-road king—along with the Land Rover Defender—the Bronco’s similar price tag is impressive: Both the Bronco and Wrangler have an MSRP of about $35,000 at the time of writing.

Ford Bronco seriously competition until the arrival of the Recon

Despite the Bronco’s quality, it is held back by its lack of electric drivetrain, a key feature that is more present in many car groups now.

Its powertrain is reasonably efficient and powerful, but it’s already well behind the times—although Ford is making big leaps forward in the electric model with the F-150 Lightning and Mustang Mach-E.

Jeep’s ‘4xe’ is its lineup of hybrids that currently consists of a Grand Cherokee and a Wrangler, but the Jeep Recon and Wagoneer S are all-electric vehicles, with no petrol parts.

That means Ford will miss a compact SUV to rival the Recon — in fact, one of the first all-new electric SUVs to be launched in North America is the Jeep Recon.

In its press release regarding the electric future, Jeep says: “The Jeep Recon was designed from the ground up to be 100% Jeep 4X4 and 100% zero-emissions. This SUV will be offered exclusively as a BEV, and will enhance off-road adventures with true on-road rated capability with the Jeep Selec Traction Management System. -Terrain, electronic locking axle technology, lower body protection, tow hooks, aggressive hook. Road tyres.

For luxury-minded individuals, there must be the “authentic freedom of an open-air jeep with a one-touch electric roof and removable doors and windows.”

The latest generation of the Uconnect system, including detailed travel guides for the most prominent off-road tracks.”

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Little known details about the powertrain of the Jeep Recon

With a scheduled debut next year and production starting in 2024, the Jeep Recon looks the part in these photos shown, combining a Ford Bronco-Jeep Wrangler-Land Rover Defender, and the company is saying the right things about its expected off-road capability.

Jeep adds, “The all-new electric Jeep Recon has the ability to cross the Great Rubicon, one of the most challenging off-road tracks in the United States and reach the end of the track with enough range to get back into town. And recharge…”

The Recon 2024 is likely a lot heavier than Jeep’s 5,000-pound Wrangler and also heavier than a Ford Bronco—but with instant, available torque from the electric motors (likely featuring one per axle for AWD). Be motivated and thankful.

To sum up, the Recon will have a rugged chassis and all-wheel drive, an all-electric powertrain, off-road-ready tires, and a flexible bodyshell thanks to those removable doors—since it’s a dedicated electric vehicle, it could possibly come at a price that even beats the Wrangler.

The competition in the off-road electric vehicle division

GM hit it out of the park with a massive $110,000, 9,000lb Hummer EV that delivers 1,000 thanks to 3 motors and the ability to hit 60 mph in less than 4 seconds with a return of up to 329 miles—though not both. At the same time, obviously.

Rivian’s R1S SUV is also 835 horsepower and 300+ miles of superb range With a solid payment system and a price tag of about $90,000.

The Jeep Recon should be a smaller, cheaper alternative, but by the time it arrives, it may have more to worry about than the Bronco—presumably also Land Rover will eventually upgrade the Defender to full EV status, too.

Right now, it’s an intriguing concept and not a very early moment for Jeep, since it’s all up to automakers to create and adapt vehicles for the all-electric future, without sacrificing their ability to do the jobs we’re asking them to do. first place.

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