How to Make a Sticky Piston in Minecraft

How to make a sticky piston in Minecraft [Easiest Guide]

Pistons are among the most useful component blocks in Minecraft. They allow you to push almost everything in the game, and this opens up a variety of interesting complex mechanisms. But you can take them to another level if you know how to make a sticky piston in Minecraft. This improved version of the plunger can push, pull, and even move items for you. Most of the best Minecraft farms in the game wouldn’t be possible without sticky pistons. So, let’s explore the recipe for making a Minecraft sticky press.

Make a sticky piston in Minecraft (2022)

Before exploring the crafting process, we’ll first go through the sticky piston mechanics in Minecraft. You can skip to her recipe if you are familiar with her mechanics using the table below. We have tested all the mechanisms in Minecraft 1.19 on a Windows PC.

What is a sticky press in Minecraft?

The adhesive piston is a component block that can when receiving a redstone signal Push and pull blocks which is next to it. The mass you interact with gets stuck in the viscous face of the piston. Of course, the sticky piston only spawns in the jungle temples and ancient cities of the Deep Dark Minecraft biome. You can break it with any tool to make it fall as an item.

What can a push-pull viscous piston do?

Sticky pistons can interact with all mobs and players in the game, but they can only push and not pull any of them. But when it comes to in-game blocks, the sticky plunger can push and pull most solid blocks with ease. Well, there are obviously a few exceptions, and here is a list of blocks that cannot be pushed or pulled with a viscous piston:

Likewise, there are also some blocks that can only be pushed and not pulled. These include:

  • carpet
  • glazed clay
  • All fragile masses such as wheat, other crops, etc.

Please note that our list goes beyond blocks in the game of survival. For an extended list, you can refer to minecraft wiki. Though, you won’t need it in most scenarios.

Ingredients needed to make a viscous press

You only need the following items to make a sticky piston in Minecraft:

Since the sticky piston is a modified version of the regular piston, you will first need to learn how to make a piston in Minecraft. Fortunately, with the help of our step-by-step guide, it won’t take you long.

Meanwhile, you have to kill crowds of small slime to get slime balls. It breeds most commonly within swampy and mangrove swamp biomes. And if you want to take slime hunting to a whole new level, we also have a guide on how to create a mud farm in Minecraft. Also, for those unaware, Minecraft frogs eat slime, you need to use slime balls and magma cubes to make a frog lamp in Minecraft.

Minecraft recipe for crafting a sticky piston

Formulation of adhesive piston recipe

The sticky press in Minecraft contains one of the simplest crafting recipes in the game. All you have to do is place a press in the crafting table with a clay ball in the cell directly above it. Due to the simplicity of this recipe, you can use it in any vertically adjacent cells.

How to use the sticky press in Minecraft

The adhesive plunger works like any other Redstone component. It requires Redstone signals to turn itself on, and when it receives them, it pushes the block in front of it. When this signal is removed, the sticky piston retracts and pulls the block back with it. It can also pull a block one block away from it when it expands.

To better understand its functions, let’s try to use a viscous piston with the help of a lever. Here’s what you need to do:

1. First, put a solid block on the floor.

solid block mode

2. Then place a sticky plunger directly behind that block. The adhesive plunger should be facing the block.

Viscous piston next to block

3. Next, place a lever next to the adhesive piston or attach it to its back. But do not hang it on the side or top of the adhesive plunger, or it will break.

crane beside blocks

4. Finally, once everything is in place, turn on the lever to activate the sticky press in Minecraft. Doing so will push the block right in front of it. When you turn off the lever, the sticky piston will pull the block back to its original place.

Action piston installed in Minecraft

Frequently Asked Questions

Can honeycomb sticky presses be made in Minecraft?

Sticky presses can only be made with slime rolls, not honey.

Can obsidian sticky pistons move?

Viscous pistons cannot move obsidian blocks.

Can you make a sticky press with magma cream?

You can’t use honey or magma cream to make sticky presses. Instead, you should combine sticky balls and regular pistons to make sticky pistons.

Create and use a proven piston in Minecraft

With that, you now have one of the most powerful components of Minecraft at your disposal. The only limitation is your imagination in this full world. And if you’re looking for ideas, our list of the best Minecraft maps has a lot of good options. But what do you plan to use the adhesive piston for? Tell us in the comments below!

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