I had a car accident in New Jersey.  What information should you share?

I had a car accident in New Jersey. What information should you share?

It almost happens like a video game flashing GAME OVER. Motorists, each trying to reach their destination on time, drive until they suddenly collide and everything, in the literal sense of the word, stops blatantly.

They stopped and made sure that they and any passengers were not seriously hurt. They remain at the scene of the accident, get out of their vehicles, and turn towards the driver or other drivers involved.

what happened after that? When the trauma of a car crash hits and minds mix, systematic and necessary steps can be forgotten — and that can come back to haunt the motorist.

As sad as it may sound, everyone should be prepared for the possibility, according to Christine O’Brien, president of the New Jersey Insurance Board, because on a yearly basis, 1 in 5 drivers will engage in some kind of scratch. .

“Try to stay calm and be in the moment,” O’Brien said. “Stop thinking about where you were trying to get to, who you need to contact next, etc.”

As O’Brien says, plans can be changed and meetings rescheduled, so in most cases, care should be taken to contact the police so that an official report can be submitted.

She said this takes longer than today, but ends up being worth everyone’s time.

“This ultimately prevents” what he said, “No matter how small the incident or how clear it was to you who was at fault, a police report will better determine who was at fault,” O’Brien said. .

If the parties mutually decide not to file a police report, O’Brien suggests that they at least take pictures of their and each other’s cars, as well as road signs and surrounding areas.

Some insurance providers may even allow their policyholders to upload those images directly to the company’s app, to provide as accurate a picture as possible in real time.

damaged car photo

Patrick Lavery, Townsquare Media NJ

By the way, it’s illegal to get behind the wheel of New Jersey without having car insurance, but coverage for compliance with the law generally includes getting into the dust with an uninsured or insured driver.

And those concerned that their data might fall into the wrong hands at the scene of an accident and end up being used in malicious means should remember that insurance companies keep things like vehicle registration, driver’s license number, and home address on file.

“If you are concerned about letting the person you had an accident with, a complete stranger, (to possess) your personal information, simply share your insurance information so the claim can be filed and processed accordingly,” O’ Brien said.

So O’Brien’s tip is to keep that insurance card on hand, and feel free to share it.

“Even a small fender can disturb your plumage all day, but even a small fender is worth sharing information with other drivers and people involved,” she said.

Patrick Lavery is a reporter and broadcaster at New Jersey 101.5. You can reach him at patrick.lavery@townsquaremedia.com

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