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When Jason Kelce stood in his pantomime during the Super Bowl LII parade, he went in a long shadow around each Various criticisms that were criticized by the team. The Eagles’ biggest losing season with the team as the Super Bowl champions has ended. Fast-forward to five years after this fateful celebration, and the Eagles have a whole new player rally behind him as the main underdog that proves people wrong – Galen Hurts

Since his time in Alabama, Galen Hurts has been described as a limited passerby: Someone whose skill set will not be able to translate into the NFL game, and ultimately limit which team he plays for. But as the previous transfer improved, the goalposts moved dramatically above what Hurts could be, and how limited the ceiling he had.

Galen Hurts makes strides

When Hurts came to the Philadelphia Eagles, intangibles to him were through the roof, but he struggled with pocket poise, arm strength and timing/accuracy. His first year as a quarterback in 2021 led the Eagles to an unlikely playoff, but it left many fans and analysts skeptical of the quarterback’s viability as a bystander.

With two games of the 2022 season, Hurts demonstrated the meteoric improvements fans had been hoping for, and Philadelphia considered the possibility that the long-awaited quarterback was already on the roster.

Philadelphia 2-0 at the start of the season, and Galen Hurts is a big reason for that. He is the highest-rated quarterback on the Pro Football Focus rating and has thrown for 576 yards with four team touchdowns.

These are the basic numbers that everyone can see on the website. But looking into the depth of the movie, the real improvements for Hurts are now taking place It appears as a stark contrast to those who have argued that a great leap Can not be done.

See the entire field

The big blow to Herts in 2021 was his inability to throw the soccer ball to his left or use the midfield to his advantage. Most quarterback damage in 2021 came from the right side of the field.

In just the first two weeks of the 2022 season, the improvements Hurts demonstrated in the off-season were brought forward for all to see.

In Monday night’s win over Minnesota, Hurts completed 21 of his 26 finishes on the left or midfield. A very clear demarcation point for the midfielder who sees the entire field and throws the beat.

Reading defense is part of every player’s game behind the middle. Losing the play-off game in 2021 against TampaThe pirate joked that Hurts didn’t read and was easy to pick.

Hurts took this blast loss seriously because his improvements over the first two weeks of the season were an amazing leap as seen in NFL history.


Galen Hurts worked with several quarterback coaches off last season to improve the mechanics and it has clearly worked. The accuracy and timing improvements were shown in full on Monday night.

Whether he advances the pocket to make excellent third-down throws, installs throws where only his receiver can get, or moves the pocket with the intent of throwingHurts’ improved timing and accuracy is a big reason Philadelphia is 2-0.

PHILADELPHIA, PA – AUGUST 12: Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Galen Hurts (1) shoots into the crowd during the pre-season game between the New York Jets and Philadelphia Eagles on August 12, 2022 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire)

Galen Hurts shines with arm strength

The term “noodle arm” has been used by Hurts . critics Often over the past few years. The NFL scouts thought he didn’t have enough pressure on his throws to make throws that Josh Allen or Patrick Mahomes could do.

Of course, these same critics do not understand that arm talent is not the same as arm strength. Arm talent is something you’re born with, arm strength is something you can build through hard work and practice.

Guess which one Galen Hurts showed in two weeks?

whether it is a file The deep ball was perfectly placed on AJ Brown in the first week, Or a long landing to Quez Watkins, Hurts showed the ability to make defenders push in the early part of the season.

Arguably Hurts’ best throw in two games is one that didn’t even count. In the third quarter on Monday evening, with the team already ahead, Hurts made a pocket move to escape the pressure and raised a perfect pass pass to a Quiz line Watkins for a 40-yard run.

The play didn’t count, but Hurts showed off his arm strength, mechanics, and accuracy all in one game. Moving across your body and shooting a soccer ball at 40 yards is impressive. It’s a huge difference from last season when the quarterback was rolling and running, or simply throwing the ball away.

Other great companies

It’s easy to argue with that Players like Mahomes and Allen do it all the time. The best midfielders in football are more consistent and have done it longer, for sure. But Hurts proves he can hang out.

The sign for Hurts was that his limited skill set graduating from college might limit his leap to the next level. Few expect A meteoric rise as Josh Allen in 2020. That was proven wrong during the first two weeks of the 2022 season.

If the Hurts can show consistency with these improvements, his name and season two can be compared as a start to some of the major transformations in NFL history. The improvements he’s making are actually the opposite of what people have said he can’t do. I wouldn’t bet the man show more during the season.

AP Photo / Matt Slocum

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