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Need For Speed ​​Payback: Best Tow Cars, Ranked

Many players are considered hardcore Gran Track 10 The first “real” racing game released in the early days of gaming in 1974, while others are thinking about it space race As the original inspiration for all modern racing games. But what if Gran Track 10 or space race It was the first racing games, one thing is for sure, racing games have come a long way from primitive lines and points. Today, racing games are more than just tracks as they feature open world mechanics, allowing players to explore their environment to the fullest.

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And one of the game series that is still in the hearts of players (especially during the era of Playstation 2) is need for speed A privilege because it allows players to customize their cars while speeding through busy streets. Need for Speed: Payback It is often regarded as one of the best NFS In recent years since it has hundreds of cars to choose from, ranging from pull For off-road cars. But, with so many tow cars to choose from, players will want to know which one is worth the investment.

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6 Ford Mustang Boss 302

At first glance, the Ford Mustang Boss 302 looks like the perfect off-road vehicle since it has 5.0 Airtime and 4.4 Landing, but this powerful American car can also compete well in drag racing. This is because the Ford Mustang Boss 302 has more than 200 horsepower and a top speed of 131.

But, the real reason why players consider this car as one of the best towing cars in the world Need for Speed: Payback It’s cheap ($78,250). So, while other drag cars outperform the Ford Mustang Boss 302, its lower price tag and decent stats will help players in early drag racing, allowing them to save money for better cars.

5 BMW M3 E46

The BMW M3 E46 debuted on the small screen game name, but to the shock of NFS fans, it wasn’t a drivable car. Fortunately, players can drive a BMW M3 with a Need for speed street prowhich showed the gaming community its potential as a Grip and Drift (although it lost its sound as a Drift in Need for Speed: Heat). won’t even be Need for Speed: Payback Players experience the BMW M3 as a drag racing car.

The BMW M3 E46 has a top speed of 176 and can reach 0-60 in 4.20 seconds. And while players can buy a BMW M3 E92 since it has slightly better stats, it’s not necessary to spend the extra $12,000 as a BMW M3 E46 can get the job done. Players would be better off using this extra money to buy Outlaw Performance Cards to boost BMW’s speed and nitrous rating.

4 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

This fifth-generation Camaro is relatively new to the NFS franchise and only appeared in four matches (Need for Speed: No LimitsAnd the Need for Speed ​​(2015)And the Need for Speed: PaybackAnd the Need for Speed: Edge). But, version operators can drive Need for Speed: Payback It is the best compared to other versions.

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And while the Chevrolet Camaro Z28 excels as a runner (a car that specializes in losing cops), it can still be considered a powerful drag racing car. For starters, it can reach 0-60 in under 4 seconds while the top speed is 177. Players should use Nextech Performance cars on their Chevrolet Camaro Z28 to increase its top speed even more.

3 Volkswagen beetle

There are five abandoned cars players can get Need for Speed: PaybackEach one specializes in a particular race. But, to unlock an abandoned vehicle, players must obtain five parts located across the Valley of Fortune that belong to the abandoned they wish to build. The Volkswagen Beetle specializes in drag racing, so players who want to improve their drag racing skills will want to unlock it first.

The Volkswagen Beetle 101 may only have horsepower and top speed, but with the right scorecards (preferably Chidori), players can maximize HP and top speed. Furthermore, abandoned cars have additional stats that increase their overall speed (SpeedX), making them an absolute demon in any type of racing.

2 Nissan GT-R Premium

Nissan GT-R Premium is among the best towed cars in the world Need for Speed: Paybackmainly due to having 563 horsepower and a top speed of 196 with no scorecards (equivalent to Ultimate Parts from Need for Speed: Heat). This means that players can easily win any mid-level drag race, as long as they hit Perfect Shifts during the race.

The biggest problem with the Nissan GT-R Premium has nothing to do with its performance but rather its price. The purchase cost is $143,150 after completing the “Double or Nothing” quest in Chapter 4: Open Skies. The best way to earn cash quickly is to complete the Hyperspace Loop race as it has the shortest racetrack in the game.

1 Acura NSX

There is no doubt that the Acura NSX is the best drag racing vehicle in the world Need for Speed: Payback Because it has the best response time in the game (4.1). Response is one of the most important factors in drag racing (aside from top speed and horsepower) because it determines how easy it is to make the perfect shift. And the best part is that players can unlock the Acura NSX as early as Chapter 4, but they have to be prepared to drop $156,350 to buy it.

Players should aim to create a prepared Chidori 6x scorecard as it will give a big bonus for speed and acceleration. In addition, players must search for scorecards with a rating of 16 or higher. Scorecards with header bonuses will also benefit the Acura NSX, but only if the player wants their minimal vehicle.

Need for Speed ​​Payback Now available for PlayStation 3/4, Xbox 360/One and Microsoft Windows.

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