Shakeel Ashraf was killed at his MK Auto Repairs shop in Milton on Monday.

Shakeel Ashraf was “everyone’s mechanic”. The victim of Milton Rampage is remembered as a devoted father who loves cricket

Described as a devoted family man, a good community worker and lover of cricket, Shakeel Ashraf is remembered in the Milton community where he was fatally shot in a GTA shooting rampage on Monday.

Ashraf, 39, was killed at his workplace on Monday afternoon by the same gunman who earlier killed Toronto police. Andrew Hong is on a rampage that sees five people shot before the gunman kills himself by police.

Ashraf’s second cousin, Arslan Hanif, said he left behind a loving wife, who was a housewife, and two young girls.

“His family is in shock and does not want to accept this tragic news,” Hanif said.

Ashraf, who was of Pakistani descent, immigrated with his family 25 years ago, and opened two MK auto repair sites in Milton, employing more than 15 workers. He recently bought a new robotic shop on Stills Street and printed new business cards.

“He was good with his workers,” Hanif said, adding that his cousin set out to make the world a better place by contributing to various causes to help those in need. “Until the day he was shot, he was out to lunch for his workers,” Hanif said.

“It’s a huge loss to society.”

According to Arslan Hanif, a relative of Ashraf, the shooter was a former employee of MK Auto Repairs, the scene of the second shooting incident on Monday, but details about the gunman have not yet been released by the police. Hanif said the shooter arrived at the robotic chassis shop when Ashraf wasn’t there initially, after he went out to lunch for his employees.

Two others were wounded in the triple shooting. These victims have not been identified; Police described them as suffering life-threatening injuries.

Samira Ali, a Milton local councilman, described Ashraf as a beloved community member, skilled cricketer, devoted family man and father.

“It was a mechanic for everyone,” Ali said. “He would help whenever he could, whoever could.”

Humaira Khan, one of Ashraf’s clients, said the news came as a huge shock to the tight-knit community.

“It’s even harder for the kids because they’re so young, the girls,” Khan said, adding that the family had asked people to respect their privacy during this time.

His family often attended and supported cricket matches – he was a member of the MSA Qalandars cricket team in the Event Ontario Softball Cricket League.

Naeem Khaiani, who runs the cricket organisation, said Ashraf played in the team for six years and was a good athlete. “He was very kind-hearted, very funny, and had a good sense of humor,” he added.

Many players in the cricket team will also repair their cars in his auto repair business.

Fellow and friend of the cricketer, Hammond Goyd, said Ashraf was a “very humble person” and was well liked both on and off the field.

He was respected and a great figure in the local community. His family would come and cheer him on at the games… He was just a good community worker.”

Javid heard the news of the shooting on the cricket league’s WhatsApp group, and said everyone was shocked after hearing the news, and he is still trying to process what happened.

fixed amount. Andrew Hong was “husband, father, and son,” Toronto Police Chief James Ramir said late Monday, his voice trembling over the death of a fellow officer they described as a “gentle giant.” (Bell Regional Police/Facebook)

Milton Muslim League He said in a statement“We have lost a brave son, a loving husband, a caring father and an active member of the Milton community.”

The association is in touch with the family to see if there are ways the community can donate or set up a public fundraiser, but is asking people to be patient until further guidance is provided and approved by Ashraf’s family members.

fixed amount. Hung was earlier shot dead while taking a lunch break in Tim Hortons, Mississauga, in what police described as an unprovoked “ambush” that marked the start of a shooting rampage in three cities before police shot the suspect at Hamilton Cemetery.

Police and the Ontario Special Investigations Unit are investigating the two shootings and their aftermath.

With files from Wendy Gillis, Jennifer Pagliaro, and Louie Rosella.

Noor Javid is a Toronto-based reporter for The Star newspaper covering city news with a 905 interest in municipal politics. Follow her on Twitter: Tweet embed

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