Smit Vehicle Engineering Oletha BMW Z8 Coupe

Smit Vehicle Engineering has built the ultimate BMW Z8 Coupe

Thanks to the great design that was none other than Henrik Fisker, BMW The Z8 is a car that the automotive community is drawn to. Its slim body and iconic light shape originally came from BMW’s desire to pay tribute to the beautiful 507 from the late 1950s in concept car form. Though, with prototypes patrolling the area around BMW’s headquarters from 1996 to 1999, it quickly became apparent that a car named Z07 would soon become a reality.

The car first revealed itself in 1997 at the Tokyo Motor Show, and amazed the world with its stunning appearance. And when production began in 2000, it was not only the design of the car that attracted attention, what was impressive underneath.

As in the auto industry, the perfect car will never exist, and of course many have found the odd flaw in the iconic BMW Z8. The main problem with the car was its lack of availability in coupe form. Unlike the Z3 and Z4, the Z8 was only available as a roadster. While the Alpina produced a hardtop for the model, we never saw it as an outboard coupe. So far, thanks a A company called Vehicle Engineering.

Named after Ulitha, the modern BMW Z8 in coupe form

Taking the form of a BMW Z8, Smit Vehicle Engineering’s Oletha wasn’t just an ugly duckling. Once again, one of the engineers behind this car has worked on several Singer projects, and they’re not exactly ugly either. In fact, the car derives from the iconic style, and dare we say refinement, thanks to the gorgeous coupe roofline that many gearheads dreamed of back in the day.

From the front, not much has changed. The kidney grille that newer BMW models can learn a thing or two from sits nicely on the long front end of the car, just as it did on the original Z8 and its 507 source.

RELATED: What Everyone Should Remember About the BMW Z8From the back and sides, this car advances the Z8 design. Thanks to the added mass of metal and glass behind the driver’s head, the punches are more pronounced in this car than in the BMW Z8. The car’s hips seem to extend from the taillights, and curve into a pair of plush shapes that cover the rear wheels.

In essence, the change is very simple considering the basic roof line of models such as the BMW Z4M Coupe and adapting it to the Z8. But by doing so, the entire feel of the car changes from a top-down high-end cruiser to a tight, race-ready sports car.

It’s no happy coincidence that the Smit Oletha’s roof line resembles that of the E86 Z4 Coupe. Look under the stately chassis, and you’ll find, in fact, the bare bones of the Z4 Coupe’s chassis that sacrificed itself for the greater good of creating the Z8 Coupe.

How does the name Ulitha compare to the BMW Z8?

Just like the standard BMW Z8, the Smit Oletha Z8 Coupe derives its power from a V8 engine that originated from one of the German brand’s sedans. Although unlike the upcoming 20-year-old S62 from the E39 M5, the newer iteration of the coupe gets the latest S65 from the E92 M3. This means that the six-speed manual should handle 450 horsepower, which is a significant increase from the original car’s 395 horsepower.

A carbon-fiber chassis means the Z8 Coupe weighs just 3,090 pounds, once again squashing the standard Z8 with an extra 400 pounds. Although no official performance numbers were available regarding the car at the time, it’s easy to guess that this build would perform like the Z8 on steroids.

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For the most part, when the car comes in convertible or coupe form, the coupe has been known to do best through corners, too. In fact, a solid sheet metal or carbon fiber will always do a great job of strengthening the chassis, helping the car feel tight on a roundabout or mountain road. The Smit Oletha, which presents itself as more of a performance car than its convertible predecessor, is definitely following the same trend.

Finally, a fully custom exhaust system that blends stainless steel and Inconel should provide a great soundtrack to this stunning vehicle. Especially when the naturally aspirated 4.4-liter V8 sings at 8,500 rpm.

The car is available to order via Automotive engineering website. The company has not yet announced a price for this amazing creation. Though, we think if you had to ask for the price, you probably couldn’t afford it.

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