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The 10 most expensive LEGO sets in 2022

LEGO just revealed a file Black Panther Adjust it It will be released on October 1And this is just another edition that shows how LEGO has always been up to date and new. The LEGO itch of architecture has inspired millions through generations, and has always made building a fun and collectible hobby. From young minds with endless possibilities at their fingertips to die-hard LEGO masters with entire rooms dedicated to their sets, Brick Empire is vast and totally welcoming.

The sets suit every level of enthusiast, and the prices range from simple and cheap to intricate and very expensive ties. For LEGO fans looking to test their strength on more complex pieces, this experience can come at a hefty fee. Composed of fantasy ships, historic hulls and luxury sports cars, the most expensive LEGO sets boast parts in the thousands and command prices shockingly close to four figures.

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10 Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 #42115: $449.99

If the asking price of a full-size roadster of $3.5 million is over budget, then the LEGO model of the Italian supercar offers a more reasonable alternative. Part of the LEGO Technics series, Lamborghini Sian FKP 37 It is a stunning recreation of the luxury sports car that falls on a 1:8 scale of its full-size counterpart.

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Featuring the same electric lime color scheme and gold rims that make the Sián FKP 37 so recognizable, model details also include Lamborghini Scissor brand doors, a functional 8-speed gearbox, a V12 pseudo engine, and an operable cockpit and suspension. Presented in a luxurious Lamborghini-branded box with an instruction booklet on “coffee table quality”, this 3696-piece set is a great buy for collectors and LEGO alike.

9 Ferrari Daytona SP3 #42143: $449.99

Sharing the price of Sián FKP 37’s, and Ferrari Daytona SP3 The wild horse is brought to the building table in the crisp red of the Rosso Corsa brand. It also sits on a 1:8 scale for inspiration Full-size, 5.5-inch-high, 23-inch-long, and 9.5-inch wide all fit together to form a surprisingly large and impressive piece.

The Daytona SP3 is made up of 3,778 components, and features butterfly doors, a V12 engine with pistons, an 8-speed gearbox, chrome rims and a fully detachable roof that turns the car into a Targa. Much like its road-ready counterpart, the LEGO Daytona SP3 is designed to be shown.

8 Hogwarts Castle #71043: $469.99

While LEGO has produced many sets, BrickHeadz, and minifigures that include the Wizarding World of Harry Potterthere is no size or importance greater than Hogwarts Castle. Originally released as a set of 4,709 (682 pieces) in 2001, the castle has grown in size and complexity during its evolving reissues.

Rising to 6,020 blocks, the latest incarnation of Hogwarts is a formidable and enchanting undertaking. Containing the Great Hall, Chamber of Secrets, Classrooms, Stairs, Whomping Willow, Hagrid’s Huts and 4 minifigures/27 microfigures, every corner and crevice of the castle is teeming with exotic fun that Potter Fans have always wanted to try themselves.

7 Cat D11 App Controlled Bulldozer #42131: $499.99

Rape the price of two supercars, LEGO Caterpillar D11 It is a force to be reckoned with. Measuring 10 inches high, 22 inches long and 15.5 inches wide, the miniature replica of Cat’s largest tractor comes in a 3,854-piece yellow and black that brings the construction site into the builder’s living room.

More than just a show piece, the Cat D11 Bulldozer is also an app-controlled experience. With the LEGO CONTROL+ app, builders can drive the tractor as well as control the blade, ripper and ladder, making putting the set together only half the fun.

6 Hogwarts Express – Collector’s Edition #76404: $499.99

while there is more Child friendly version Express train to Hogwarts available, newly renovated Collector’s Edition It is a more detailed experience. Set includes 5,129 pieces, it is a 1:32 scale replica of the seminal steam train and stretches 46.5 inches long.

Seated at podium 9 3/4, the set includes track, engine, coal tender, and a 3-room passenger car filled with movie-accurate interiors that reference 3 classic scenes in the series. The set also includes 20 mini-figures, and holds a sprawling cast of characters waiting to depart for Scotland.

5 Colosseum #10276: $549.99

Bringing the builders back to the days of the gladiators and giving them Vespasian’s architectural saying, LEGO rebuilding for the Romans Colosseum It’s an amazing feat of engineering. Featuring 9,036 pieces, this set is one of the biggest and most challenging LEGO builds.

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Highly respecting the largest amphitheater in history, the collection not only recreates the free-standing elliptical structure, but dives lower and includes the happogeum under the arena floor. While the Colosseum is a commitment both financially and temporally, being able to reconstruct and display one of the Seven Wonders of the World in one’s home is a bewildering idea for serious builders.

4 LEGO Titanic #10294: $679.99

He surpassed the crown of the Colosseum as the largest LEGO set with 54 bricks, Titanic 9090 pieces offer the ultimate test for expert builders. Divided into three sections, the 53-inch-long recreation of the doomed British passenger plane not only shows the ship in all its glory, but also shows the inner workings.

The ship’s cross-sections are bustling with life, depicting everything from the cabins, grand staircase, first-class dining room, smoker’s chairs, and boiler room. With 300 skylights, a swimming pool, a deck bridge, and even lifeboats that are also included, the collection brings builders – in the most tangible way possible – to the tragic and grandiose ship that inspired one of cinema’s most epic love stories.

3 Imperial Star Destroyer – The Devastator #75252: $699.99

Although it contains “only” 4,784 pieces, destructive It measures 17 inches high, 43 inches long and 26 inches wide. True to his appearance in Star Wars: A New HopeShip includes rotating radar cannons, titling radar dish, engine exhaust, and two imperial minifigures.

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Adding to the overall deck detail is the famous bridge tower with its deflected shields/tractor beam antenna, and the catchable Tantive IV, which adds a splash of colorful resistance to the build’s deep gray.

2 AT-AT #75313: $849.99

Transforming LEGO Imperial Vehicles’ Affinity from Heaven to Earth is AT-AT, which they recreated to match a 6,785-piece design. while there is another AT-AT is more affordable At nearly a foot tall and containing 6 minifigures, the Ultimate Collector Series model does its best to make it feel small.

Nearly twice its height and with 3 other miniatures in place, the discrepancy in size led to a noticeable swing in storage possibilities and detail. With a posable head and legs, a movie-accurate cockpit, recoil cannons, and operable hatches, the AT-AT operates as if it were on the battlefield. Also possessing removable panels that reveal an interior space large enough to store 40 minifigures, two speed bikes and the included E-Web blaster, the AT-AT stands as a centerpiece and secret storage device.

1 Millennium Falcon #75192: $849.99

The most beloved ship in the galaxy, The Millennium Falcon A must for any star Wars LEGO enthusiast. It was first released in 2000Since then, the famous freighter has seen a series of rebirths of all different sizes and prices. While each version carries its advantages, there is one version that will suit the diehard fanatics.

Coming in at 7,541 and measuring 33 inches in length, the set goes into intricate detailing on and off the ship. From artillery stations and escape ports to the thrust-equipped engine room and 4-character cockpit, unlock fun as Hans, Chewy, and the rest of the crew far away at a hefty, exorbitant price.


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