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The 1988 Honda Introduction is the cheap JDM legend you need in your kit

Honda Like most manufacturers it has a range of excellent cars in it. This includes the likes of the Honda S2000, NSX, and various Civic Type Rs but some models find themselves lost in the JDM franchise environment. JDM scene classics often find themselves forgotten in favor of the Toyota Supra and Nissan Skylines in the 1990s and early 2000s. However, JDM should not limit itself to these sports car tuning legends. Honda produced an excellent touring car in the form of an introduction.

According to HondaThis model formed part of the brand’s “Growing Up” which came as a result of the Accord, the brand’s long-running sedan. Prelude came as a coupe version of the model. Comfortable but more sporty. The Prelude came to the Accord as the 4 Series does to BMW’s 3 Series. As a result of not appearing in blockbuster movies in the past few decades, the JDM scene goes beyond Prelude. Despite the car’s innovative all-wheel steering.

The Prelude is an affordable alternative to the GTR or Supra, which is an underrated JDM.

Prelude offers more than most classic cars.

In the 4-year production of the 1988 model year, the third generation Prelude takes the form of a classic sports car from the 1980s. With plenty of sharp edges, this takes stylistic cues from wedge designs like the Toyota AE86 or Lamborghini Countach. The undeniably ’80s car stands out in the regular JDM Icons lineup. With its long hood and short trunk, this almost follows classic European proportions. In 1990, the car received a modest facelift as well as the addition of side airbags and anti-lock brakes in a new focus on safety.

This third-generation car became famous for the first four-wheel steering system available in the United States. Technology that Honda and Nissan raced to bring to market. Nissan wins, however it shows on the extremely rare R31 Skyline. Classic, a used car dealership, has only four registered auctions. According to ClassicThese cars sell for an average of $4,500. Although there is no registered sale of the GTS-R, this model is equivalent to the GT-R. By comparison, the Classic 14 registered the introduction of the third generation for sale.

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As more models become available, many have access to all-wheel steering masterpieces. At high speeds, the rear wheels of the car rotate up to one degree. However, in low-speed maneuvers, it rotates up to 5 degrees in the other direction. This doesn’t sound like much but it does reduce the car’s spin significantly.

Prelude delivers excellent performance

Honda has a lot more to think of at first, even after acknowledging its all-wheel steering. Japanese sports cars have taken the mantle of British convertibles and coupes for many. Like the hot hatchbacks that took over JDMs, the Prelude uses a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. All third-generation cars came with variations of the Honda B20A that produced up to 160 horsepower. This may not sound like much but it is close to 40 years old, and this caters to contemporary competition.

These engines reach speeds of about 6500 rpm. This car is Honda but it predates the NSX and it also predates the VTEC. But as a twin engine with a more traditional exhaust, the third-generation Prelude opens you up to an old school driving experience.

What is unconventional is the drivetrain, front-wheel drive. It might disappoint you somewhat. After all, this may not offer drive engagement like other JDM codes. However, some of the world’s most beloved cars use front-wheel drive settings. These include the Golf GTI, Fiesta ST and Civic Type R.

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This is the amount of introductory costs

According to ClassicThe average third-generation Prelude comes on sale at just $13,617. Vehicles with the coveted all-wheel steering sell for slightly above average with current examples exceeding $14,000. It is undeniable that this car looks like an undeniable bargain. With unique exterior styling, JDM car leanings, and all-wheel steering that comes exclusively as the domain of more expensive modern cars or the most valuable JDM classics like the R34 Skyline GTR.

In terms of interior quality in the 1990s, JDM cars didn’t invest heavily in luxury, unless of course you were buying a Lexus from Toyota Century. With interiors largely dominated by cheap plastic, Prelude pulls off the same bin parts. So even though that cost is lower, today’s buyer won’t struggle with choosing it.

Compared to the more straightforward JDM icons, Prelude appears to be an excellent value. A fourth-generation Supra turbocharged gearhead is likely to cost more than $90,000. The R32 Skyline GTR moves over $40,000. A classic NSX will probably cost you over $100,000, and it’s a more premium model than Honda’s lineup. However, behind Prelude has a hint of NSX. With common cabin materials, design language, and low ride height, this too has a hint of NSX for those of you on a budget.

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