The Bambanes Lyonnaises: Back!

The 6th edition of the famous Bambanes Lyonnaises Gathering was held in Chaponnay on Sunday 11th September 2022. It was eagerly awaited!

Les Pampanis Lyonnais

On September 11, 2022, 6The tenth edition of Pampanis Liones, in Chaponnay Municipal Park, in the eastern suburbs of Lyon. The previous version is dated from September 2019, which means that there were a lot of ants in the legs of the organizers (but also of the visitors).

The result: the previous record of 700 cars on display was largely defeated, with more than 1,000 coming in this weekend. In terms of visitors, the numbers are also impressive with no less than 2,500 visitors.

You may also be wondering what goes with this Bambanes name? In Lyon, the word pampanr means to take a slow walk.

The organization was, as usual, at the top, competently managing the entry and exit of old and prestigious cars, motorbikes, which were also numerous, and, finally, visitors. All this in a good atmosphere, around food carts, music, refreshments…

Young Times

First of all, it was parked quietly in the attached part of the park, the Young Timers. Among them, the Renault Espace 1 2000-1 was noted (this version was the top of the Stage 1 range, from 1985), the Renault 5 Turbo 2 (See the article at this year’s Lyon Motor ShowIf you like Renault 5 as much as I do), and a Superfive GT Turbo Stage 2.

I had the opportunity to see the first 405 Turbo 16, 200 hp, all-wheel drive, and note the low production of the 380 for the French market at the time.

Oldest French

There was something for everyone, as well as for fans of vintage French cars. As is often the case, there are several CVs, Citroen CXAnd DS and Traction were on the 2022 edition of Bambanes Lyonnaises. For fans of the Peugeot Convertible (including me), the 304 is very beautiful with its older sister 404, and its cousin Talbot Samba.

The Simca brand was also very well represented in the Bambanes Lyonnaises, with the Simca 9 Grand Large and the 1954 Simca 9 Grand Large, a top-of-the-line car at the time intended for wealthy customers. Note the origin of the name Grand Large, because this car has a blind spot of less than 7%. We added the Chambord (a car produced between 1957 and 1961, with its two-tone paint and miniature replica under the rear window, and the Aronde Monaco, also a “coach” model, you now know what that means, two doors with rear windows. Otherwise, more information here.

And to finish the tour of the French, I noticed De Dion-Bouton, a French manufacturer created at the end of the 19th century.


There was also something for everyone at Bambanes Lyonnaises, convertibles, coupes, vintage, newer ones… Once again, convertibles caught my eye: the Austin Healey 100 (I’ve been very sensitive to the Austin Healey since I had the opportunity to get up close and personal with a model of this brand – See the article here), a Corvette C1 with grille headlights, two very nice Mercedes, 1970280 SL, 170 bhp and a 1967250 SL California.

Focus on the Americans

Beautiful American cars were also in the park: several Ford Mustang convertibles, but also a Mach 1 Bullit from the 1970s, with a 290-horsepower V8, plus a Dodge Challenger and a military jeep.

For fans of very long cars, three of them caught my eye: the Cadillac de Ville (I like the blue color of its interior), the Cadillac Fleetwood and the Pontiac Bonneville. For the record, its designers were able to write Bonneville on the back fender, with each letter spaced five centimeters apart, it’s way too tall!

Math avalanche

There were a few famous sports cars, including the A Ferrari TestarossaLots of alpine (old and modern), and rarely in rallies, the Porsche 928 S. I’ve always had a soft spot for this atypical Porsche and for its rear arc, and the large glass area along the tailgate.

More Model Cars

To finish my lap, three unusual cars piqued my curiosity. First, I initially thought it was a Ferrari, but it’s a Ferrari I’ve never seen before… In fact, it was the Dino 208 GT4. This car is still relatively affordable today (around €50,000). It is powered by a Ferrari-made mid-rear V8 engine. difference with 308 GT4 tested by BenjaminIt’s the cubic capacity of the V8, under two liters to escape taxes in Italy.

Then I came across a car that I had already seen at the mechanical meetings of Saint-Pierre-la-Paloud, a monthly meeting located in the west of Lyon. This blue car is Renault Spider ACE Héritage Even if the Spider has the Renault badge, it is inspired by the Alpine. This vehicle was converted in 2020 by a vehicle builder designer, builder of Heritage ACE. It was inspired by the Ferrari Monza SP1 barquette.

To finish my little tour of the Bambanes Lyonnaises, another blue car appeared on my way: the Marcadier Borzoï. Born in the sixties in the Lyon region, this car was named after its creator Andre Marcader and was sold in 1969 for 7,000 francs. And her weight at that time was about 540 kilograms.

I can’t wait for the next time

Mixed feeling to see so many beautiful cars, but also lost a lot. Looking forward to the next edition! Thanks to Bambanes Lyonnaises!

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