The Specialized Car Group brings us the street-ready French Race Car Reborn Dellage D12

The Specialized Car Group brings us the street-ready French Race Car Reborn Dellage D12

Luxury goods—Hermes handbags, Richard Mille watches, luxury sports cars, etc.—are not purchased for ordinary human needs such as clothing, shelter or transportation; Owner Paul Newman Daytona uses the timeless watch to check the time. Paradoxically, the price at which luxury goods are sold is often inconsistent with classical economics where demand can actually fall if the price falls, not the other way around. Also, luxury demand does not appear to be affected strongly by economic fluctuations, the pandemic is proving this with the luxury goods market rebounding after the initial shock to pre-pandemic levels. Moreover, luxury car manufacturers Bentley and Rolls-Royce have published record sales Despite the headwind.

At a time of eroding values, and diminishing confidence in fiat money and traditional assets such as stocks, the investment behavior of high net worth individuals is adjusting to the new reality. They often invest in alternative assets that you appreciate over time, such as art, rare wines, vintage luxury watches, and classic and luxury cars. As a result, luxury and classic car indices track the value of cars while the Nasdaq tracks tech stocks.

The natural temptation for a sports car owner is to go on the road, step on it, and set off on full fuel. However, real sports wheels are not allowed on public roads. So, with this dilemma in mind, French car company Delage recently introduced the Delag D12 dream car, a street-ready F1 with a 7.6-liter V-12990 HP assisted by a 110 HP electric motor that produces impressive power. 1,100 horsepower assembled in a two-seater featherweight carbon cockpit mounted on carbon wheels. The D12 gets from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.4 seconds.

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