The wrong DUI driver almost hit the patrol cars

The wrong DUI driver almost hit the patrol cars

Written by David Melson –

A Texas woman, who allegedly drove from Deson to Shelbyville on the wrong side of Highway 231 North, nearly crashed into two Shelbyville Police Department patrol cars before she was arrested for a DUI Thursday night,

Officer Samuel Campbell, one of several people alerted to the oncoming vehicle and search for it, said he had to swerve to miss Waldron. A patrol car driven by Officer Drian Lanier was also injured. Campbell said the officers turned on blue lights.

Alex Megan Waldron, 26, of Sachs, Texas, a suburb of Dallas, told police she had “two or three beers” and didn’t know where she came from or was going. Waldron told the officers she thought she was in Nashville.

The Campbell report said Wauldron failed a field sobriety test. She was accused of DUI, open container, and left-of-centre driving, and held $5,500 bond.


• A PlayStation 5, four consoles, seven video games and several knives were taken from an Anthony Lane home last week.

No signs of forced entry were found, but a chair and an ash block were placed under the rear window

I also reported to the district authorities:

• A trailer was stolen between 1pm on Tuesday from a home located in Building 700 of Rattlesnake Lodge Road.

The report said that a member of the owner’s family saw a white truck drive away from the trailer home.

• Police reported that a cell phone accidentally left on an ATM at a Citgo department store in North Main Street was stolen on Monday.

An app showed that the phone was taken on foot to the Blue Ribbon Inn and turned off.

entering prison

The Shelbyville Police Department has indicted the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office, the Tennessee Highway Patrol, or the 17th Judicial District Drug Task Force, since Monday. They are just charged; Guilt or innocence will be determined by the courts.

• Brandy Armstead, 51, Frank Martin Rd., Unionville; Non-appearance, capes. Chest, $2500 bond

• Justin Xolphers Bass, 31, Rabbit Run, Bell Buckle; light law violation, registration act violation, fiscal liability violation, possession of Schedule 6 real estate; The summons was issued

• Hailey Blair Campbell, 33, Unionville Deson Road; Violation of surveillance, forgery, theft of property less than $1,000; $4,500 bonds

• Victor Manuel Corona Rontaria, 41, Northwood Drive; No driver’s license, registration violation; Released, without bail

• Jesus Coronel Morales, 37, Ranchero Drive; Driving with a suspended license, financial responsibility; The summons was issued

• Tammy Ray Cunningham, 51, North Jefferson Street; Surveillance violation a contract, no bond

• Jsantos Estrada, 37, Dunnaway Road; aggravated assault and aggravated rape; Owned, $150,000

• Jason Comer George, 42, South Cannon Street; Surveillance violation, property theft of less than $1,000; Owned, $5000

• Amber Leverette, 40, Woodland Drive; driving with a revoked licence; The summons was issued

• Christopher Wayne Lauer, 32 years old, Smyrna. Surveillance violation $1500 bond

• Dylan Edwin Mix, 21, South Maple Street. Probation violation released, without bail

• Daniel Allan Merritt, 44, Melody Drive; sexual exploitation of a minor; Issued, $5,000 bonds

• James Giuseppe Odell, 47, Pass Road; Violation of surveillance, failure to appear, possession of drug paraphernalia; $4,500 bonds

• Waylon Anthony Owens, 32 years old, Lewisburg. Surveillance violation $1500 bond

• Dony Alexander Paz, 21, East Cedar Street; domestic assault, not showing up; Bonds of $10,000

• Angel Martinez Perez, 46 years old, homeless. No driver’s license, speeding (Tahman); Issued, bond of $500

• Stephen Andrew Saxon, 41, Maple Street; Five Heads Owned, $112,500

• Fernando Dias Sebastian, 26, Moody Street; rape; Owned, $300,000

• William Tyler Smith, 34 years old, Bradyville; Surveillance violation $1500 bond

• Stanley P. Thomason Jr., 46 years old, Fayetteville. Non-appearance, capes. Issued, $1,500 bond

• Kimberly Ann Folkman, 50, Shelbyville; Surveillance violation $1500 bond

• Alex Megan Waldron, 26 years old, Saks, Texas. DUI, open container, left center left; $5,500 bonds

• Glenn Denell Yancy Jr., 30 years old, Memphis. Home Assault $500 Contract

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