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The Yamaha FS1-E was a great pedaled motorcycle from the 70s

The Yamaha FS1-E was a bold move from Yamaha To create a new type of motorcycle and fill the void that many had not thought of. The FS1-E was a UK special, hence the pedals. In the 1970s, the UK had a mandate to have pedals on scooters. But the FS1-E isn’t technically a moped, but was converted into just one bike to glide amongst the British.

Its original Yamaha FS1 model was a two-stroke motorized motorcycle meant for performance. FS1-E became an instant icon because it was aimed at teenagers. Prior to this Yamaha, the motorcycle options they had were torture to ride and look at! She was stronger than her peers which made her an instant choice for many.

The teens loved the first taste of power and were quick to name the FS1-E, “Fizzie” because it was even cooler! The sheer editing potential and great looks were shining on this delicious cake. The fame and success of the Yamaha FS1-E was that its main competitors – Suzuki AP50 and Honda SS50, were created in her image! In short, the Yamaha FS1-E was meant for entry-level sports bikes as the Kei are for full-size sports cars.

Young Brits adored the Yamaha Fizzies for being such a delightful ride in the small town, and making them feel on top of the world!

The Yamaha FS1-E was actually a ‘sports bike’

While at first glance it may look like a classic two-stroke motorcycle, it was actually one of the first “sports motorcycles” to take over the world. But there was nothing boring or lame about this bike from Yamaha. It was actually on par in terms of fun and excitement with the various entry-level two-stroke motorcycles of the time. And it was a sensation among the knights who were just sprouting from their seeds.

The FS1-E was packed with a small engine, with a cool motorcycle cocoon; And together, they came together to be one of the most disturbing creations that swept Europe. Unfortunately we didn’t get any in the US, but over time, the very young Yamaha’s fame grew to the point that many celebrities owned it, Including James May! And there were a few who found their place across the pond to the United States. These little fingers are so in demand that you can find well-kept ones for sale on platforms like MECOM Auctions!

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50cc, four gears, 4.86 hp, 45+ mph, and pedals!

The heart of this Yamaha’s engine was a 49cc two-stroke engine that produced 4.86 horsepower at 7000 rpm. By all accounts, this may seem small. But for a motorcycle that weighs just under 200 pounds, it makes for a very enjoyable riding experience. Power was sent to the rear wheel via a four-speed manual gearbox. The Yamaha FS1-E can do over 45 MPH when riding on an incline!

The itchy aspect of it was that it came with pedals. Don’t mock. Because even Yamaha was helpless and forced to. During the time in the UK, there was a rule for all scooters to have pedals. We can imagine what the allowances were for 16-year-olds at the time. So, it was a useful addition for new riders to pedal on their way home when they ran out of fuel.

Simple geometry and ease of riding make Physi a star

The Fizzie has not only been a sensation among kids because of its remarkably performance numbers among scooters, but also because of the ease of riding it offers. Since its inception in 1972, this small Yamahas has been praised for the outstanding quality of its chassis and suspension components. The FS1-E was a small 69 inches long and 22 inches wide. It came with drum brakes on both ends.

But Yamaha actually introduced a disc setup for 1975. Being a Japanese motorcycle, the reliability quotient was something everyone enjoyed. There was no dearth of spare parts, and everything was cheap thanks to the small form factor. The tank could hold 1.7 gallons of fuel which was enough for a normal FS1-E owner’s routine for a week.

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16-year-old boys from the 70s got addicted to Yamaha

If you have a friend in the UK, like him about the supposed “plague” of the Yamaha FS1-Es. These loud Yamahas were all the rage in the early ’70s and were everywhere. Every teen who gets his temporary driver’s license will be eager to get their hands on this bad boy. And that was for cool legitimate reasons.

Before the FS1-E, all the other scooters these poor 16-year-olds had to carry around were horrid to look at and ride. It changed Yamaha for the better and gave them a great statement with the Fizzie. Another major reason boys are obsessed with this Yamaha is the massive mod potential. The FS1-E was like a Lego craft kit where everything could be changed and put back together again without any fuss.

Everything from big bore kits to cooler exhausts and body panels can be plug, play, and replace. The chassis was also of such great quality that people used to swap out the small 50cc engine for an 8.2 hp 100cc two-stroke engine from a Yamaha YB100. What else do you need to get addicted to your first motorcycle?!

The legend of Yamaha Physi is still alive

The Yamaha Fizzie FS1-E started a sensation among the new, still live riders. The original run of the racy Yamaha and its sporty peers ended very soon with the introduction of new moped laws in 1977 that restricted top speed to 30 mph. But that didn’t stop the already vibrant community from thriving, and There is a healthy fan base for the Yamaha FS1-E even today with a dedicated forum To discuss rides, parts and modification ideas.

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