CarLashes, AKA car eye lashses. An exterior feminine car accessory on a Mini Cooper in Kitsap County, Washington.

This car accessory is designed to make your car look more feminine

For many people, their car is an extension of who they are and who they are. This can affect the type of vehicle you drive and the accessories you buy to customize it. There have been a number of car accessory trends over the years. Some have commented, others have not. One, in particular, was created for women to make their cars look more feminine.

The car lashes accessory personalizes your car

In years past, the world of car accessories was very manly with all its mud and racing stripes. There was a time when most drivers on the road were men. However, that has changed over the decades. In fact, women buy more than half of new cars and significantly influence all car purchases. Now, women have just as much attachment to their cars as men.

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