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This gorgeous half of a Porsche 911, half of an F1 car is the equivalent of a mullet

There are multi-million dollar supercars with jumping horses and angry bulls that might never even come close to what we’re talking about. It originally comes from a brand that despite being relatively affordable than other big Italian wigs, has a special place in the history of all things motoring. Yes, we are talking about Porsche. It has become a well-known and beloved brand for a very long time. But that’s only half the story, literally.

The other half of the story is inspired by one of the most intense motorsport racing series in the world – Formula 1. And when these two halves come together, what we get is literally Half11. It combines the rear of an F1 car and racing engine plus thicker tires to match the front of the classic Porsche 911.

Project Half11 was the brainchild of Elijah Bredan and Nikita Bredan along with Oil Stain Lab’s quest to transform the modern-day bus building. Oil Stain Labs says the idea arose from their love of sports cars which was about the golden generation of racing, in the early 1970s, and Formula 1 in particular. They believe that the drama, danger, and magic of car racing in the late 1960s could probably never be matched again. Hence, this is a tribute to the era.

As a result, what takes shape is the idea of ​​one of the craziest Porsche cars of all time – the Half11. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Why the Porsche 911 was the perfect candidate

Oil Stain Labs (OSL), if you haven’t heard of them yet, is known for working on experimental cars with several OEMs around the world. but, Oil Spot Labs says That the 91 is a perfect sports car and that there’s a great hot rod scene built around the 911’s chassis.

The 911, as an icon and perhaps with the world’s busiest market for builders and tuners, was chosen for the project. The sole objective was to stand out and showcase their creativity against some of the best builders around the world. OSL believes that storytelling in cars has become outdated over time and something that needs to be challenged.

They say they have some secret weapons in their arsenal including a keen eye for traditional beauty and coach building they learned in Italy, their California experience of hotrod culture, Hollywood storytelling, and high-tech production.

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Half11 is a combination of history and vision

Half11 started as an OSL vision for a dream project. It serves as a way for the company to showcase its creation and branding skills, highlight the people they work with, and build a community of like-minded enthusiasts. The car is also a real test of its unique operation and approach. OSL says the response to the car has been unusual.

OSL says they have been quietly contacted by a few people who want to buy one and that they have considered what they might need to run production. Each car will be unique, with a complete racing ‘history’, bespoke chassis to reflect where you raced, and other unique touches. A limited set of 25 would be built to reflect the number required to be built for homogeneity in 1968.

OSL says the chassis has always been made of aluminum, and they wanted the car to be original, customized and timeless. Therefore, the body is made by hand.

The company had the original Porsche hood and fenders, which served as a buck to build the aluminum around. After they got exactly what they wanted, they worked closely with a metal forging expert to fine-tune the lines, shapes, and sizes, quickly adjusting them as needed to achieve the final look.

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Full details of the half Porsche 911

Those interested in Half11 have the option to choose from a list of engines that the team will approve. The chassis, according to OSL, is designed with a power of 700 hp and is in the process of testing.

The current working list of available engines includes the Porsche air-cooled or naturally-aspirated engine, the water-cooled Porsche engine or the naturally-aspirated flat-6 engine, having a V8, Cosworth DFV, electric powertrain and hydrogen powertrain.

Each Half11 will be built to each customer’s exact specifications, however, and OLS estimates the $600,000 mark as a good starting point for a car with conservative options. The car uses a heavily modified 911 chassis that allows the car to score entirely on the streets of the United States. OSL will also work with customers to register the vehicle where needed, throughout the world, and meet their local regulations.

OSL is currently working on its first prototype, and at the same time, it is also in discussions with potential customers about the specifications they would like to see developed. The company is also open to clients who wish to be a part of this project in its early stages of development. Once the project starts, it will take about 18 months to complete.

And while there may still be a while for a half 911 and half Porsche roaming the streets, the idea for the car is truly unique and by the looks of it, the builders have come up with making one in reality. If and when that happens, Half11 will definitely be a highlight wherever it goes.

Source: Oil Slick Lab

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