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This Mazda Miata NA Barchetta is one amazing Restomod Speedster

The Mazda MX-5 Miata is one of the greatest roadsters ever. Mazda He’s been producing this epic little car since the ’90s, and it has evolved into something truly incredible and extraordinary during that time period. It may have gotten a little bigger and bulkier since then, but it’s still the MX-5 we all know and love. Plus, it’s a car that’s gotten better and better as the years go by, and it maintains the honor of the NA’s first generation MX-5.

You may be wondering how the MX-5 can be taken to a whole new level. Well, you can’t question that any more. The MX-5 proved the basis for some interesting small project cars, like the Miata V8 swap. However, this creation may be the best. From Gorgona Cars, this is the NM Concept Miata, the original NA-generation MX-5 chassis that became the Italian-designed Barchetta. A car stripped of the essentials except for its updated engine, this is one of the most unusual Mazda MX-5 project cars we’ve ever built.

The people behind Barchetta Miata

The company behind this car is Gorgona Cars. They are a start-up company based in Rome, Italy, by passionate car enthusiasts Omar Abu Eida and David Galliano. The concept itself shows how passionate the couple is about cars as a whole. The style is very similar to that of the sports cars of the 1950s and 1960s, such as those we’d have seen take Le Mans for example. Lots of it even though it’s pretty clear that Miata NA is normal. Pop-up headlights are still present, as are the turn signals and taillights.

But above all else this beltline detail is where the Miata really shines. This sees the car become truly unique and a proper Barchetta. The foldable top and windshield of the regular Miata are gone. This allows the car to be more aerodynamically efficient and, in theory, to glide more in a straight line. This is also just one slot for the driver to exit from, with the tonneau lid and a matching roll-ring lid that also slopes down the trunk lid. Similar to what you might see at Mille Miglia barchetta.

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A modern twist on a classic-inspired design

Though, the company added a modern twist to the design. For example, the bottom floor is now a true flat floor. There is a rear diffuser to allow for more downforce without adding a rear spoiler, which increases drag and cuts to the elegant look of the Barchetta. The doors became half carbon-fibre versions, while also retaining the original NA Miata door handles. The spoiler itself is integrated into the trunk lid, and there are new mirrors, LED lighting and a front splitter added as well.

Under the hood a lot of magic happens with this car. The original NA engine is gone, and in its place is the ND MX-5’s 181hp Skyactiv 2.0L. The engine is installed as an added bonus of improved driving dynamics and weight distribution. An optional powertrain is also available for the MX-5 barchetta, which will bring the engine’s power level to 225 hp. This means a power-to-weight ratio of 8.13:1. Pretty amazing. A modern engine is also needed to help ensure the reliability of this amazing project.

A stripping from the inside for Barchetta

Step into the barchetta MX-5 and you’ll find the just-rear interior. There is only a small amount of carpeting on the floors, with a plain metal plate and rubber boot locked into the transmission. The original Mazda steering wheel is gone. In its place is the Momo wheel, with the scales and the start button taken from the ND MX-5 from which the car takes its engine. The little aerodynamics on top of it should help when it comes to deflection but like the McLaren Elva, goggles are probably best when driving, or indeed a full-face helmet.

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Taking the Barchetta MX-5 into production

Gorgona Cars’ ultimate goal is to take this epic innovation and make it a road-legal, production reality. Europe is the initial target for this, and the rules about windshields are much more relaxed than those in the United States. Although it does require a donor car to convert, it’s not the recreational type where the NA MX-5 is recreated from scratch. All of that, it would cost about $70,000 to commission one, excluding the cost of any donor car. But what car would you own if you were able to buy one.

Source: Gorgona Cars

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