Ori And The Blind Forest, Braid, And Hollow Knight

Top 10 2D Platform Games

The 2D platformer genre is full of instant classic games. It provides a lot of fun appeal to the players because the mechanics often seem simple, but when done well, it hides a lot of interesting layers. Even as we spend in the future since the creation of the first 2D platformer, people are still more happy than ever to play a new 2D platformer as long as it offers something new.

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The platform platforms presented will be the ones that have managed to add some of the most interesting games to the 2D platformer genre. These games have a lot to offer as they offer unique challenges and ways for players to overcome.


10 Super Mario Bros. 3

Super Mario Bros.3 is known by many as a true sequel to the original Super Mario Bros. The game features more levels than those of the original game. There were also a lot of different upgrades in the transformations that were introduced to Mario, such as the more popular raccoon suit. There was also a frog transformation suit that helped underwater players.

It felt like it took the original platform and was able to make it that much better by letting players pass through the side scrolling platformer in new ways. It gave a lot of room for creativity in the gaming world and what was to come to Mario.

9 Ori and the blind forest

Ori and the Blind Forest has a beautiful story that starts off strong by creating a story that will capture the hearts of players instantly. The game is a web of all the great things Metroidvanias has to offer, but there is no denying that it has one of the most amazing soundtracks available in 2D platforms. The graphics are on par with the soundtrack as the vibrant lighting tones of the areas are captivating.

The game experiences a steep rise in difficulty near the end, but this allows players to test their platform skills which were meant to increase as they progressed through the game.

8 Super Mate Boy

Super Meat Boy has increasing levels of intensity and difficulty. This is part of what some people hate about this game, as the end zones can feel close to impossible. The difficulty also lies in a lot of what players love about the game. The challenge, along with the levels, looks good and fair. They all encourage players to learn near-perfect controls and timing.

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Each scientist feels they add to the challenge and uses the two simple mechanics to create something totally cool.

7 Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island

This is one of the least talked about games in the Super Mario catalog, but it’s commendable because it has some of the best genre-level designs in 2D platform games. The levels of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island look as if they were drawn with crayons, and each has its own challenges for players to discover.

Various transformations help Yoshi along his path and add weird challenges to this platforming experience, like when he turns into a mole. Yoshi’s Island is a hard-to-reach game since it’s been around for a while, but it’s well worth a look.

6 Proforce

Broforce feels like the latest version of the running and gun madness. A large cast of characters based on different action movie heroes with unique weapons and abilities. There are references to Alien and several of the Terminator series. The game makes players start with a fairly regular premise, only for the story to get crazier as it continues.

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Fully destructible environments provide a variety of ways for players to beat levels. This game had a lot to offer in its online mode, but the single player is where it stood out the most.

5 cue

Braid tells a great story that is complex but in a good way. Knowing the meaning of what the game is trying to say is as complex as the exquisitely designed puzzles in the gameplay. The game uses rewind time as one of the primary forms of playing it.

It is a challenging game that can be very rewarding for those who like to be challenged with how they solve things and to tell a story. It makes players think of big concepts in the dynamics of life and relationships.

4 sonic mania

Sonic Mania brings back ancient regions while also introducing some of them. Everything the game does leaves a more significant impact than was first introduced in the original games. The new zones and mechanics it brings are oversized and have a retro layer on top of them in terms of design and art style.

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The game has a lot of secrets to explore and pushes the need to discover new areas so that players can discover the true end of the game.

3 Hollow Night

Hollow Knight allows players to pass through an underground world that has a great legendary story unfolding. Every part of the game feels as if it creates a bigger world around the player. The game leaves a lot of exploration elements to the players in how they choose to traverse the world. There will always be more than one accessible path open.

The game gives love to the people who helped create and support it as the developers listened to their community and made sure to take plenty of time to interact with them. They started on a small scale and were able to create a game that made an impact on the gaming world.

2 Megaman Zero

Megaman Zero looks like a braver version of Megaman games. The story begins in the media with an army of good guys who are easily eliminated by the enemies. One of the characters not killed immediately, Dr. Seal, the main protagonist, barely makes it to an area where Zero awakens from his slumber. Zero wakes up and starts the game right away, eliminating enemies and showing off his power.

The gameplay seems challenging but neutral because the mechanics are tight and well presented. The game is a fun story that will keep players addicted to it. It’s very similar to the original Megaman but with more exploration options, darker world designs, and the main hero using a plasma blade instead of a blaster.

1 terraria

Terraria drew a lot of inspiration from Minecraft but created a world that was a whole lot of games rolled into one. The game is an action-adventure in 2D and an open world / sandbox platform, which is featured in Fandom. It’s incredibly well put together, making it one of the best platformers out there.

The different ways in which players have to master good movement options are huge as players unlock various movement tools on their platform journey. They must also learn how to have a smart move to avoid enemy attacks. Terraria is a beautiful platform game that has an endless amount of replay value in what it offers.

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