Views: I'm not a deer hunter, but...

Views: I’m not a deer hunter, but…

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How many of us read “Bambi” as a child or to our children? Seriously, do we really want our child to read one of their first books where the mother dies. Of course, the guy is the bad guy here, shooting Bambi’s mother. I think this came before there were cars.

There are 1.5 million car/gazelle collisions per year. Given the number of deer in Berkshire, one would think that they all happened here. No, this is a world number. I’m glad someone keeps counting. My husband and I recently bumped into a deer. The deer bounced off the side of the car and then got up and ran away: one deer point and one car emission. In my family that’s just a miss. My brother hit two gazelles while he was traveling north to visit us, and my mother hit one. Each required a large chassis (on cars, not people). But did you know that nationwide, deer/car collisions cause 175 deaths, 10,000 injuries and $1 billion in insured losses annually? The stats again thanks to the American Deer/Car group. And 67% of those accidents were caused by deer.

One day when I was living on the West Coast, I got a call from my mother in Philadelphia to tell me there was a deer “stuck under her car.” It was in the middle of Philadelphia, a big sized city. What was the deer doing there and why under her car?

“Mom, are you okay?” “yes.” “Is the deer okay? “I couldn’t stand her pulse.” “How did you get under your car?” “I ran there.” “Why are you calling me 3,000 miles away instead of the police?” “Well, I assumed if a 90-year-old woman called the police and said there was a deer stuck under her car they would blame me.”

What are deer doing to us? Well, they’ve secured an $11.8 billion industry in licenses, gear, travel, housing, and the rest. Fishing is a big game – even for the smallest game. They eat our flowers, leaves, and cultivated vegetables. And while some people eat deer or venison, use leather for shoes, even antlers for knife handles, we don’t eat enough deer to make an impact in their numbers. In 2020, the last year for which statistics were collected, 14,331 deer were “harvested” in Massachusetts. (What a beautiful way to say they were killed.) This is a small part of the 95,000 deer that inhabit this state. So what is the rest of the deer doing besides spreading rabies, bovine tuberculosis, and being the primary vector for the ticks that cause Lyme disease? Indeed, deer ticks fall on mice, and who in Berkshire is mouse-free in the house? I researched to see if deer helped the ecosystem. If you believe in the “eat or be eaten” world, then yes. They become food for larger predators such as wolves, cougars, or bobcats (Berkshire bobcats, or catamounts look a bit smaller than deer). But teeth are deer teeth and raw deer must be extremely tasty for local bobcats.

Instead of Roe vs. Wade, this is Doo vs. Man. We need to determine the offspring of the deer. My apologies to Republican members of Congress, but this is a serious issue. It’s only a matter of time until deer outnumber the rest of us. I’m all in favor of gun control, but not when it comes to deer and deer only.

Sorry Bambi but if it’s you against me, I plan to win. You have made driving in Berkshire a serious danger.

Deer/car crash stats for 2022, thanks to PetKeen

  1. About 1.5 million car accidents in the United States are caused by deer each year.
  2. Each year, more than one million deer are hit by cars.
  3. Deer has caused more than $1 billion in property damage.
  4. Collision with deer kills 200 people every year.
  5. There is a 1 in 116 chance of a deer being hit by a car in the United States.
  6. 67 percent of animal collisions are caused by deer.
  7. The most common time of day for deer collisions is between 6pm and 9pm.
  8. When there is a full moon, you are more likely to run into a deer.
  9. November sees the highest rate of deer collisions.
  10. Virginia has the longest deer hunting season of all states.
  11. West Virginia has the highest auto insurance claims in the event of a collision with an animal.
  12. Texas has the largest white-tailed elk population in the country, at more than 4 million.
  13. 24.1 percent of South Dakota residents are registered fishermen.
  14. There are an estimated 33.5 million deer in the United States.
  15. There are six species of true deer in North America, and the most common species is the white-tailed deer.

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