What would you do?  Dinging cars for kids in Twin Falls

What would you do? Dinging cars for kids in Twin Falls

What would you do? What would you do if you had a child who opens their door and hits the car next to you only to find out that the owner is in the car and sees everything? Do you get in your car and act like you don’t know? Are you talking about her? Do you offer any kind of condolences or pay for a few condolences, or give it back a gourd and nothing else? If the person confronted you aggressively, would you get into a fight? Does it change if you or your partner is doing it instead of a child? Is the site playing a factor? Suppose she picks up kids from school compared to a grocery store and does it matter who parked first? There are a lot of things to consider, but when the car next to you gets injured by your car, what do you do?

Cars hit cars in the parking lot in Twin Falls

Credit: Brydon McCluskey on Unsplash

Credit: Brydon McCluskey on Unsplash

It is inevitable that your car will be attacked at some point by someone opening its door in a parking lot, or you do it yourself. Usually, it’s not a big deal, and no damage is done unless you forcefully open your door, or the wind removes it from you and rams it into the car next to you. As adults, we are usually careful not to do this, even when someone comes and parks their car very close. On the other hand, the child may do it by accident, without realizing it. Usually the instinct is to check for any damage, usually no damage, get in your car and drive off without worry. When a person sits in the car and sees this happen, that’s another story. When they see it, go out and approach you, how do you handle the situation?

Struggle in the parking lot in Twin Falls

Credit: KatarzynaBialasiewicz

Credit: KatarzynaBialasiewicz

Attitude and personality play a big role in how you approach things. If you’re in a grocery store parking lot, you assume your car is safe, but when you pick up a kid from school, things happen and the kids are excited to go home. The type of car that gets hit is a major factor. Hitting a Lexus or Cadillac is not the same as hitting an old car or truck. Depending on how the person confronts you, you can offer your insurance, although the car ding seems rather small for that. You can apologize and hope they can understand. You can ignore them, get in your car and drive, or if they are hostile and you are frantic, you can resist the fight, but that should never be the option you choose. Some people will say no big deal, while others will exaggerate a little bit of their car’s ding. If it was your child who caused it, it is always good to remember that this is a learning moment for you and him.

This happened to me as my child opened a door and hit a car with the driver in it. A man came down and confronted me and asked about the “wound” of which nothing was clear. He seemed aggressive and wanted my information, but there was no obvious harm. I made my son apologize as I did, and then proceeded to wonder what we were going to do. I apologized again and said have a nice day as I got in the car and went all day. He stared at me while I was driving my car. He was not there when I parked the car, and he parked his car near that side of the car. Be careful, because people will do this on purpose. I remained kind despite his attitude and talked to my son about opening his door in the future. It’s not the right or wrong thing to do, but that was the way I handled it. If you found yourself in this situation, what would you do?

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