Who we are: Kyle Ostendorp

Who we are: Kyle Ostendorp

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Many sports, especially football, are dominated by many often complex rules. Seemingly endless documentation explaining exactly what you can and can’t do on the field of play.

Grew up, Arizona football gambler Kyle Ostendorp He only had one rule to live by in his family: get good grades and try hard.

“It has always been my great focus to do well in school,” Ostendorp said. “Because I grew up in elementary school, middle school, and high school, you really had uncertainty about whether or not you were really going to play college sports. So I always knew that no matter what I would get the certainty of getting a job.”

Take it seriously — after graduating from Desert Vista High School in Phoenix with an amazing 4.65 GPA and a pair of Athlete of the Year awards, he made the trip to I-10 to kick-start his collegiate career.

In Arizona, Ostendorp worked his way into the role of a full-time punter for the Wildcats while maintaining a 4.0 GPA as an Aeronautical Engineering major and earning Pac-12 Honor Roll privileges.

What started as an interest in rockets, planes and astronauts has turned into a more Earth-bound desire to work on high-performance sports cars, like the ones he drives in Formula 1, after his playing days are over.

Gambler Kyle Ostendorp (19) - Tucson, ARIZ.  Football against Mississippi State at Arizona Soccer Stadium on September 10, 2022. Photo by Kathryn Reagan/Arizona Athletics“I wanted to be an astronaut,” he said, “but I think every kid also wants to be a race car driver.” “Working on aerodynamics for a Formula One team has really intrigued me in the past three or four years since I started college. It really relates to everything I’ve done in aviation, because the main goal of airplanes is to produce high lift and reduce drag – and now you can just reverse Everything you know from school. You want to produce the most compressive force, but you can still reduce the amount of drag as well.”

However, those dreams are still on the way, as Ostendorp remains focused on pursuing his football career as far as it will take him.

The 2021 Associated Press All-Pac-12 First Team selection has made a name for himself and his strong right-hand man since he stepped foot on campus. Last season, Ostendorp broke the Arizona program record and led the conference with an average of 49.2 yards per kick and fired 28 superb kicks that traveled more than 50 yards.

After pursuing high-profile training with GEOST, a Tucson-based optical engineering company, during the summer of 2020, he once again set his sights on the football field in his last off-season.

“I really wanted to focus solely on football in the summer, so I decided not to do anything academic just to try and become the best footballer I could become,” Ostendorp said. “For the past four to six years, I haven’t had time to focus solely on football.”

It can be difficult to balance these important aspects of life, but the support and resources of the CATS football team and academics have helped him continue to achieve success.

“Coach Fisch gives us all the resources and every opportunity we have to be successful in the classroom,” said Ostendorp. “Every team meeting starts with talking about the academics and where we are as a team with our GPA. He really makes sure the kids are on top of their studies because he knows football isn’t forever; you are here to get an education okay. So he did a great job at that.”

Ostendorp was a lifelong self-starter who transferred much of his learning and time management to his own systems. However, having made great use of CATS Academy early in his career, he now frequently guides his teammates and fellow athletes through their doors.

“I know a lot of our team uses them for teachers, for lessons, or for class planning,” he said. “Just to be able to go there if you need help with a writing tutor or math tutor, they will have someone there for you. And I think it’s a great option because we don’t have to pay for it; it really allows us to thrive both on and off the field.”

Ostendorp and the Wildcats got off to their best start since 2019, having just finished off conference play with an impressive 2-1 record.

Gambler Kyle Ostendorp (19) â??  Tucson, Ariz.  Football departs from Tucson International Airport for the inaugural season against San Diego State.  2, 2022. Photo by Mike Christie/Arizona Athletic

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