World champions wow fans at 2022 Goodwood Revival: Race Reports

World champions wow fans at 2022 Goodwood Revival: Race Reports

Goodwood Revival – Just Where to Start? There, Indy 500 winner Dario Franchitti chats with a pair of Revival novices, six-time IndyCar champion Scott Dixon and seven-time NASCAR Cup champion Jimmy Johnson. The Scots arranged for them to participate in the Type E Gregor Fiskin’s Stirling Moss Memorial Cup. At the airport there is an unusual Catalina Flying boat between Spitfire and Hurricanes.

In the crowd area for a great Ferrari parade is the bright green crash helmet familiar by four-time Le Mans 24 winner Henri Biscarolo – I haven’t seen his name in any publicity material. Speaking of Ferrari, the never-before-seen 1951 Ferrari 375 Formula 1 car of the year 1951 was loaned by Bernie Ecclestone. Who noticed that the mechanics looking after the car had a small Mr. E embroidered on their clothes?

In the next arena area, a large crowd gathered. Is former world champion Jenson Button sign autographs? Not that, Hall and Hall mechanics are about to launch the “new” BRM V16. Among the impressive lineup of McLaren’s early Can-Am cars, Bruce’s Austin 7, as he leans against a Plymouth Barracuda racing on Saturday, there’s Mr. Bean himself Rowan Atkinson – do I need to keep going? Where will I look next? What did I miss!?

Far from the music of these V16 BRM bands scattered all over the site, from Black Kat Boopers to The Hoochie Toots. There are hairdressers, bars, fashion designers, fairgrounds and even shoe shine boys. VIPs are transported to the track in a fleet of vintage Rolls Royce cars. The car Sir Jackie Stewart described as the worst racing car he’s ever driven – the Rover-BRM turbine – is trapped in a corner.

Enjoy the crowd button

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Then there’s the onlooker period costumes, I walk into a tunnel behind a lady with straight laser sock seams, and the whole ensemble is topped with a gorgeous hat. There are RAF officers, Italian priests, children in prams, a group of nuns and a group of school girls – they all wear braids.

The only thing I couldn’t miss was the unusual ‘tableau’ in the style of a movie set at the front entrance. UFO crashes, still smoking, alien escapes, police and army at hand, but there are also protesters and the press. It has nothing to do with motor racing of course, but who cares – it’s cool. Only in the renaissance. But let’s not forget that there are 15 highly competitive races over the three days on the fast and unchanging Goodwood track.

2022 Freddy Marsh Memorial Cup

After training and qualifying, the race kicked off Friday night with the Freddy Marsh Memorial Drivers’ Hour of Sports Cars in the spirit of Goodwood ‘Nine-Hour’ racing between 1952 and 1955.


Mysterious scene of unidentified UFOs – typical of Goodwood Entertainment

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In this period Aston Martins dominated 9 hours with the DB3S and entered three hours including Wolfgang Friedrich sharing his car as usual with Simon Hadfield. Jay Harman and Nick Feinborg Cooper-Jaguar T53 jumped from pole position and were also awarded a penalty for short change of driver time.

This left the path clear for American Fred Wakeman with Sam Hancock riding a 1953 Jaguar C-type for a nice 9-second victory over the similar but slightly older C-Type of Nigel Webb and John Young. Nick Jarvis’ Allard J2X was finished third by Mike Grant-Peterkin and none other than Benoit Treloire. The Le Mans 24 Hours winner in 2011, 2012 and 2014 should have found the handling a little different than the Audi R18s he’s used to.

Jaguar at 2022 Goodwood Revival

The ultimate shikani tricks in the Jaguar MkII

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Ultimately, Harmann/Finberg Cooper finished fourth, a 20-second penalty that made no difference to the score, while Friedrich/Hadfield Aston finished sixth. Almost unnoticed at nine another Cooper-Jaguar T33 was in the hands of owner Katarina Kyvalova and Swiss Simona de Silvestro, who has participated five times in the Indy 500.

2022 Madgwick Cup

Saturday’s race program began with the 20-minute Madgwick Cup for sports cars under 2 liters between 1948 and 1955 – an intriguing field that pits four Maserati A6GCSs against a largely eclectic mix of British-made machinery. It was driven by the German-owned but seat Wolverhampton 1100cc Kieft-Climax, which was soundly put into the lead by Miles Griffiths of Hi-Tech Motorsport.

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